Survivor of Deadly Rocket Attack Now Advocates for Children of War

Toronto, Canada – As a survivor of a childhood rocket attack, I now dedicate my life to advocating for the rights and well-being of children living in war-torn areas. My experience of narrowly escaping death has fueled my passion for helping those who are most vulnerable and voiceless in conflict zones around the world. Growing … Read more

Ibraheem Sarhan Survives Rocket Attack, Advocates for War-Affected Children

Winnipeg, Manitoba – Ibraheem Sarhan, a survivor of a deadly rocket attack, recounts his harrowing experience in war-torn Syria and the journey that led him to Canada. At the tender age of nine, Sarhan witnessed the devastating impact of war on his family and his homeland. His story sheds light on the resilience of individuals … Read more

SpaceX’s Starship Rocket Investigation Closed by FAA After Explosive Test Flight

Brownsville, Texas – The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) recently concluded its investigation into the explosion of SpaceX’s Starship rocket and has agreed on new procedures for future flights. SpaceX launched the Starship on November 18 from Texas, where it reached space before encountering an issue with its upper stage just minutes into the test flight. … Read more

Rocket Misfires Result in Deaths of Multiple Civilians in Gaza, IDF Reports

The Gaza City, Palestine war between Israel and Iran-backed terrorists has resulted in a devastating string of rocket misfires by Hamas and Islamic Jihad, leading to the deaths of several Palestinians. According to an official from the Israel Defense Forces (IDF), the misfired rockets have killed civilians in Gaza, with more than 550 rockets missing … Read more