Whistleblower Red Flags Trigger FAA Probe Into Boeing’s Dreamliner Inspections

Seattle, Washington – Boeing is facing scrutiny yet again after a Federal Aviation Administration investigation was opened on Monday following the deaths of two whistleblowers in recent months. The aircraft manufacturer is now striving to maintain its reputation amid allegations of safety concerns within the company. In a memo sent to employees on April 29, … Read more

SpaceX’s Starship Rocket Investigation Closed by FAA After Explosive Test Flight

Brownsville, Texas – The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) recently concluded its investigation into the explosion of SpaceX’s Starship rocket and has agreed on new procedures for future flights. SpaceX launched the Starship on November 18 from Texas, where it reached space before encountering an issue with its upper stage just minutes into the test flight. … Read more

FAA Oversight Lacking, Aviation Expert Predicts Possible Plane Crash due Boeing 737-9 MAX Door Incident

SEATTLE, WASHINGTON – Experts are raising concerns about the safety of Boeing 737-9 MAX planes after a recent incident in which a door blew open mid-flight. Dan Gryder, an aviation expert and certified Gold Seal flight instructor, expressed his apprehension regarding the oversight by the Federal Aviation Authority (FAA) in ensuring the safety of the … Read more

FAA Investigates Diamond DA-40 Crash onto Interstate Near Asheville Airport

ASHEVILLE, N.C. – The National Transportation Safety Board released its preliminary investigation report after a small plane crashed on Interstate 26 near Asheville in December, injuring a flight instructor and student pilot. The plane, a Diamond DA-40, crashed onto the interstate near the Asheville airport in North Carolina. The aircraft took off from Knoxville and … Read more