Interstate Gang Using Dating Sites for Robberies Linked to Multiple Deaths and Fentanyl Trafficking

HARRISBURG, Pa. – Federal prosecutors announced on Friday that a series of robberies, resulting in four fatalities, were orchestrated by a notorious gang operating a multistate drug and firearm trafficking ring. These criminals also exploited dating websites to recruit individuals for a prostitution ring, officials said. The gang, referred to by authorities as the “fentanyl … Read more

Crash on Interstate 40 in Winslow Leaves Three Dead, Including Infant and Teenager

Winslow, Arizona – Three individuals, including a teenager and a 4-month-old infant, tragically lost their lives in a single-vehicle crash on Interstate 40 in Winslow on Wednesday morning, according to officials from the Arizona Department of Public Safety (DPS). The fatal accident occurred around 7:34 a.m. at milepost 257 near State Route 87. DPS reported … Read more

Washington Woman Arrested for Murder of Missing 4-Year-Old Son along Interstate

Everett, Washington – A tragic incident unfolded in Everett, Washington, as a 4-year-old boy, Ariel Garcia was reported missing, only to be found dead along an interstate highway. The mother, Janet Garcia, now faces serious charges related to the death of her son. The Everett Police Department shared the grim details of Ariel’s death, announcing … Read more

Georgia Man Indicted for Interstate Stalking and Violence, Killing Woman’s Dog in Florida Rampage

HILLSBOROUGH COUNTY, Fla. – A Georgia man is facing federal charges after traveling from Atlanta to Hillsborough County and committing a violent assault on a woman that resulted in the death of her pet dog. Prosecutors from the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Middle District of Florida revealed that Timothy Crawford, 52, allegedly carried out … Read more

“Superfog” on Louisiana Interstate Causes Deadly Mass Pileups with 158 Vehicles Involved

Slidell, Louisiana – At least seven people were tragically killed in a series of massive car crashes on Monday morning, caused by a combination of heavy fog and smoke from the marsh fires in south Louisiana. The Louisiana State Police reported that a total of 158 vehicles were involved in the pileups, leaving 25 people … Read more

Man Shot and Killed on Interstate 95 in Foxborough, Search for Gunman Continues and Questions Remain Unanswered

FOXBOROUGH, Massachusetts – Two days after a driver tragically lost his life in a fatal shooting on Interstate 95 in Foxborough, the search for the gunman is still ongoing. The incident occurred when the driver of a dark-colored sedan fired multiple rounds into a black Mercedes, resulting in the death of 37-year-old Justin Parker. The … Read more

Shooting on Alabama Interstate Leaves 15-Year-Old Dead and 9-Year-Old Injured

PRICHARD, Alabama – A tragic incident unfolded on Monday as a 15-year-old girl lost her life in a shooting on the Interstate 165 north of the Bay Branch Road exit. The shooting also left a 9-year-old boy injured, but thankfully, he is in stable condition. According to Mobile County Sheriff Paul Burch, the shooter’s intended … Read more

Robbery Suspect Causes Fatal Wrong-Way Crash on Interstate 435, Killing Innocent Driver

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — A pursuit initiated by police in Kansas City, Missouri resulted in a head-on collision on Interstate 435, leading to the death of two individuals. The suspect, identified as Ollie Coldiron, 29, allegedly robbed three convenience stores in the Northland area before attempting to flee from law enforcement. The pursuit, which began … Read more

‘Superfog’ Causes Fatal Pileups and Interstate Closures in Louisiana

New Orleans, Louisiana – A combination of dense fog and smoke caused by fires in the marshes has led to a catastrophic series of car accidents, including multi-car pileups, leaving seven people dead and at least 25 injured on Monday. The “superfog,” as it’s being called, resulted in the closure of sections of Interstates 55 … Read more

Robbery Suspect Evades Police, Causes Fatal Wrong-Way Crash on Kansas City Interstate

KANSAS CITY, Mo. – Police reported that a Missouri robbery suspect, fleeing from authorities, drove the wrong way on an interstate highway and collided with an SUV, resulting in the death of both drivers. The crash occurred in the early hours of Tuesday on Interstate 435 in Kansas City. As of now, the identities of … Read more