Gas-Related Home Explosions on the Rise: Expert Tips for Safety and Prevention

Plum, Pennsylvania – Following a recent fatal home explosion in Crescent, Rick Napoleon, a resident who previously experienced a similar tragedy in Plum’s Rustic Ridge community, shared his feelings of sadness and empathy. Reflecting on his own past devastation, Napoleon expressed concern for the victims and the challenges they will face in the aftermath of … Read more

Michelle Obama’s Husband’s Wrist Bandages Easily Explained as Golfer’s Tape, Expert Says

Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts – Former President Barack Obama’s recent appearance with bandages on his hand has sparked false claims suggesting his involvement in the death of his personal chef, Tafari Campbell. Photos of Obama golfing on Martha’s Vineyard have fueled conspiracy theories surrounding Campbell’s drowning in the waters near the former president’s summer home on … Read more

Balloon Expert Liz Romani Recovering After Fort Worth Hotel Explosion Injures 21

VINCENNES, Ind. – Balloon expert Liz Romani, originally from Vincennes, is currently recovering after being involved in an explosion at a hotel in Fort Worth that resulted in injuries to 21 people. Romani took to Facebook to inform her friends and family that she sustained injuries from the explosion, but reassured everyone that she is … Read more

FAA Oversight Lacking, Aviation Expert Predicts Possible Plane Crash due Boeing 737-9 MAX Door Incident

SEATTLE, WASHINGTON – Experts are raising concerns about the safety of Boeing 737-9 MAX planes after a recent incident in which a door blew open mid-flight. Dan Gryder, an aviation expert and certified Gold Seal flight instructor, expressed his apprehension regarding the oversight by the Federal Aviation Authority (FAA) in ensuring the safety of the … Read more

Design Prevented Worse Damage in Downtown Fort Worth Hotel Explosion, Says Expert

FORT WORTH, Texas – A downtown hotel in Fort Worth, Texas exploded but it could have been worse if not for the design of the building, according to the latest reports. The fire department stated that the explosion was caused by a natural gas leak. The blast damaged the upper floors of the 3-star Hotel … Read more

Police Clearance Rates and Conviction Rates for Violent Crimes are Shockingly Low: Expert Analysis and Data Shows Major Problems

Boston, Massachusetts – When it comes to the debate over government’s monopoly on police powers, one of the key arguments is the role of government police in keeping society safe. The idea of a “thin blue line” between chaos and order has long been emphasized by advocates of government police. However, recent developments have raised … Read more

Review: Expert Criticizes Errors in Police Investigation of Refugio Rodriguez’s Death

Montevideo, Minnesota – A retired crime scene investigator has raised concerns about critical errors in the police procedure of the death investigation of Refugio Rodriguez. The investigator’s review comes after police referred the case to the Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension due to oversights and questionable decisions in the original investigation. Rodriguez was found dead … Read more

Forensic Expert: No Communication Link Found between Defendants and Victim in Shineka Gray Murder Trial

MONTEGO BAY, St James—The trial of Gregory Roberts, accused of the 2017 murder of 15-year-old Shineka Gray, took a significant turn as a communication data forensic analyst expert testified in the St. James Circuit Court. The expert revealed that there was no communication link between Gray’s phone and the two men accused of her death … Read more