Murdered ‘NRI’ in Punjab Village Shockingly Linked to Accomplice’s Death days later

Ludhiana, Punjab, India – A tragic murder case has rocked a small village in Punjab, India. The victim, identified as an NRI (Non-Resident Indian), was found dead with brutal injuries. Shockingly, the alleged accomplice in the murder was also killed just days later, raising suspicions and sparking fear within the community. Authorities in Punjab are … Read more

Police Clearance Rates and Conviction Rates for Violent Crimes are Shockingly Low: Expert Analysis and Data Shows Major Problems

Boston, Massachusetts – When it comes to the debate over government’s monopoly on police powers, one of the key arguments is the role of government police in keeping society safe. The idea of a “thin blue line” between chaos and order has long been emphasized by advocates of government police. However, recent developments have raised … Read more