Balloons of Filth: South Korea Responds to North Korea’s Cross-Border Antagonism

SEOUL, South Korea – Recent tensions between North and South Korea escalated when over 260 balloons crossed into South Korean airspace, dropping trash and filth onto civilian areas. Some balloons even carried feces, believed to be from livestock. In response, South Korea warned of “unbearable” measures if such provocations continued. North Korea, unfazed, retaliated by … Read more

Rocket Failure Shows North Korea’s Strides in Satellite Technology

Seoul, South Korea – North Korea’s recent satellite launch ended in disaster as the rocket exploded in a fireball only minutes after liftoff, crashing into the Yellow Sea. Despite the failed attempt, experts believe that the incident demonstrates the country’s advancements in its pursuit of outer space. The failed launch, which North Korea claimed was … Read more

Explosion in Darwin: Little Miss Korea’s Guilty Plea Makes Headlines

Darwin, Australia – A woman known as Little Miss Korea has pleaded guilty to charges related to an explosion in Darwin, Australia. The incident, which occurred on Monday, resulted in significant damage to the surrounding area. Little Miss Korea admitted to setting off explosives in her apartment, causing chaos and disruption in the neighborhood. The … Read more