Balloons of Filth: South Korea Responds to North Korea’s Cross-Border Antagonism

SEOUL, South Korea – Recent tensions between North and South Korea escalated when over 260 balloons crossed into South Korean airspace, dropping trash and filth onto civilian areas. Some balloons even carried feces, believed to be from livestock. In response, South Korea warned of “unbearable” measures if such provocations continued. North Korea, unfazed, retaliated by … Read more

Rocket Explodes in Mid-Air Over North Korea: South Korean Military Surveillance Captures Dramatic Moment

SEOUL, South Korea – In a recent development, the South Korean military has shared a video capturing the moment a North Korean rocket disintegrated in mid-air following its launch. The footage was recorded by a military patrol ship stationed in the country’s northwestern island region, as confirmed by the South Korean Joint Chiefs of Staff. … Read more

South Korea Unanimously Passes Special Bill to Outlaw Dog Meat Industry

South Korea’s parliament made a significant move on Tuesday, unanimously passing a special bill to outlaw the dog meat industry after years of debate across multiple administrations. The ban, which received 208 votes in favor and none against, with two abstentions, will take effect after a three-year grace period, beginning in 2027. Those involved in … Read more

Dog Meat Consumption Banned in South Korea After Bill Passage

SEOUL, South Korea – The South Korean parliament has voted to pass a bill that prohibits the eating and selling of dog meat, effectively putting an end to the centuries-old practice. The move comes amidst a growing shift in public opinion towards animal welfare, with an increasing number of Koreans viewing dogs as family pets … Read more

World’s Worst Prisons: Inmates as Young as 11 Forced into Labor in North Korea and Guards Accused of Rape in Georgia- An Inside Look at the Most Brutal Incarceration Facilities

LONDON, U.K. – The world’s worst prisons are a terrifying reminder of the inhumane conditions that countless inmates endure. These prisons span the globe, from Camp 14 Kaechon in North Korea to Gldani Prison in Georgia, with stories of abuse, overcrowding, and violations of human rights. The list of the top 10 worst prisons, compiled … Read more