Ukrainian Drones Strike Russian Military Bases as Zelensky Halts Offensive Advances

Kharkiv, Ukraine – Recent reports have indicated that Ukrainian military drones have targeted military facilities in both Russia and Crimea. These drone attacks come amidst Russian claims of successfully intercepting over 100 Ukrainian drones. The situation escalated on May 17th as Ukrainian President Zelensky acknowledged Russia’s offensive in Kharkiv Oblast, which had advanced up to … Read more

Explosions Reported Near Ukrainian President Zelensky During Visit to Frontline Village

KIEV, Ukraine – Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky faced the threat of explosions during his visit to the southern frontline village of Robotyne on Sunday, according to his spokesman. The village is an active conflict area, and Zelensky’s spokesman, Sergiy Nykyforov, reported that the president was “relatively close” to the sound of explosions during his visit. … Read more