Missile Attack Threat in Ukraine’s Belgorod Oblast Raises Alarm

In Belgorod Oblast, Russia, tensions escalate as the Defense Ministry claims to have shot down a Ukrainian drone, sparking fears of potential conflict. Reports of an explosion in the Rakityansky District raised concerns, with locals pointing to a possible strike on a Russian ammunition depot. The situation remains murky as Ukrainian authorities have yet to … Read more

Building Collapse in Russian Region of Belgorod Leaves Multiple Dead and Dozens Trapped

Belgorod, Russia – A tragic incident unfolded in the Russian region of Belgorod, where a 10-storey apartment block collapsed, resulting in multiple fatalities and over a dozen people injured. The Kremlin swiftly attributed the disaster to a Ukrainian missile strike, although no concrete evidence was presented to support this claim. Belgorod, located near the Ukrainian … Read more

Explosion Rocks Belgorod: Suspected “Friendly Fire” Incident Leaves 5 Hospitalized

Belgorod, Russia – Belgorod Regional Governor Vyacheslav Gladkov disclosed a recent explosion in the area of Razdobarkina Street on Saturday afternoon, resulting in the hospitalization of five individuals, including three women and two men. The incident also led to damage to over 30 houses and 10 cars. The cause of the explosion remains undetermined. Speculation … Read more

“Explosion” in Belgorod: 5 Hospitalized After Accidental Aviation Bomb Drop

Belgorod, Russia – An explosion in Belgorod, Russia, has resulted in five people being hospitalized, as confirmed by Governor Vyacheslav Gladkov. The incident occurred amidst ongoing shelling from Russia towards Ukraine, including from the Belgorod Oblast region. Reports indicate that the explosion may have been caused by a Russian aviation bomb intended for Kharkiv, Ukraine, … Read more