Brookhaven Man Charged with Slitting the Throat of Adopted Dog Denali Captures Animal Rights Activist Outcry

MEDIA COURTHOUSE, Pa. (AP) — A man from Brookhaven, Pennsylvania is facing charges of aggravated cruelty to animals after being accused of killing a shelter dog named Denali. David A. Saxton, 62, is held for court on two counts of aggravated cruelty to animals following a preliminary hearing. The case has gained public attention, prompting … Read more

Father Found Guilty of Murdering Adopted Two-Year-Old Through Head Injury Trauma

GRAVESEND, England – A tragic case of child abuse and murder unfolded in Gravesend, England, as a 2-year-old girl succumbed to fatal head injuries inflicted by her adoptive father. The man, identified as Jan Gholami, 33, has been found guilty of murdering Zahra Ghulami, his adopted daughter. According to court proceedings, the toddler sustained a … Read more