Local Journalist Uncovers Critical Details in Presidential Rally Shooting, Highlighting the Importance of Community-Based Reporting

Mercer County, Pa. — In the heart of western Pennsylvania, as John Paul Vranesevich covered a candlelight vigil for a fallen transgender teen last weekend, the tranquility was pierced by persistent alerts from his phone. News was breaking nearby that would soon catapult the Beaver Countian reporter into the center of a major national incident. … Read more

Attack on Journalist Sabbir Ahmed Condemned by Bangladesh Journalists Group

New Delhi: The Bangladesh Journalists in International Media (BJIM) issued a statement strongly denouncing the brutal attack on journalist Sabbir Ahmed and urging for enhanced safety measures for journalists in Bangladesh. Sabbir, a correspondent for Shomoyer Alo, was violently assaulted with iron rods and hockey sticks by a group suspected to be affiliated with the … Read more

Journalist Stabbed: Senegal President Condemns Attack on 7TV Director

Dakar, Senegal – President Macky Sall of Senegal has strongly denounced a violent attack on Maimouna Ndour Faye, a well-known journalist and director of the private television channel 7TV. Faye, known for her political show on 7TV and her contributions to political journalism, was viciously stabbed multiple times near her home by an unidentified assailant. … Read more

Senegal President Condemns Violent Attack on Female Journalist amid Political Tension

DAKAR, Senegal – President Macky Sall of Senegal issued a strong condemnation on Friday following a violent knife attack on Maimouna Ndour Faye, a prominent female journalist and director of a private television station. Faye, known for hosting a political program on the 7TV channel, was assaulted and stabbed numerous times near her residence in … Read more

Journalist Organisations Condemn Brutal Attack on Nikhil Wagle, Demand Accountability and Justice

New Delhi: Journalist organizations have strongly condemned the recent attack on senior journalist Mr. Nikhil Wagle by members of a political party in Pune, India. This incident follows a worrying trend of intolerance towards the media’s role in upholding democratic values and freedom of expression. The attack occurred after an FIR was filed against Wagle … Read more

MLA Ravindra Dhangekar Denounces Violent Attack on Journalist, Calls for Action Against BJP

Pune, India: The tension escalated as Kasba MLA Ravindra Dhangekar condemned a violent attack on senior journalist Nikhil Wagle, sparking sharp criticism against the BJP. Dhangekar demanded stringent action, calling for police to invoke Section 307 against the BJP workers responsible for the assault. Emphasizing the rich legacy of Maharashtra, Dhangekar stated, “This Maharashtra will … Read more

I-70 Serial Killer Search Takes Desperate Turn with New Book from Retired Journalist Bob Cyphers

The I-70 Serial Killer, a man who carried out a killing spree across the central U.S. more than 30 years ago, has left behind a trail of unsolved murders from Indiana to Kansas. Author Bob Cyphers has released a new book, “Dead End: Inside the Hunt for the I-70 Serial Killer,” in an effort to … Read more

Russian Journalist Found Dead After Criticizing Putin’s Corrupt Military Occupation of Ukraine’s Mariupol

The body of Russian war journalist Alexander Rybin, 39, was discovered near Shakhty in Russia’s Rostov region. His death comes after he visited the city of Mariupol in Ukraine, which was invaded by Russia in 2022. Rybin, who had previously supported Putin’s annexation of the Donbas region of Ukraine, had been critical of the slow … Read more