Hawaii Island Faces Surge in Car Crash Fatalities: Police Increase DUI Patrols

HILO, Hawaii – The number of fatal car crashes on Hawaii Island has more than doubled this year compared to last year, sparking concern among authorities. As of now, 17 individuals have lost their lives in 15 separate car accidents, including two incidents with multiple fatalities. This marks a significant increase from the same period … Read more

Overdose Epidemic: Fentanyl-Related Deaths on the Rise in Hawaii

HONOLULU, Hawaii – Fueled by the increased use of fentanyl, Hawaii has witnessed a concerning rise in fatal overdoses last year. Data from the state’s High Intensity Drug Trafficking Areas program reveals a disturbing spike in deaths in Maui County in 2023. Despite steady figures throughout the year, Maui did not see a significant increase … Read more

Uber Eats Driver Condemned for Attack on Elderly Couple in Hawaii

Honolulu, Hawaii – Following a disturbing attack that left two elderly individuals injured, Uber Eats has taken action against one of its delivery drivers allegedly involved in the incident. The company released a statement condemning violence on its platform, emphasizing a zero-tolerance policy for such behavior. Last Friday, a 72-year-old woman suffered serious head injuries, … Read more

Hawaii Father Commits Murder-Suicide, Killing Wife and Children in Incident

Honolulu, Hawaii – Police in Honolulu, Hawaii, are investigating a tragic incident believed to be a murder-suicide involving a family of five, including three children. This heartbreaking event marks the state’s worst mass killing since 1999. The authorities responded to a call at a home in the Manoa neighborhood, where they discovered the bodies of … Read more

Murder-Suicide Tragedy Unfolds in Hawaii Home with Five Dead, Including Three Children

Honolulu, Hawaii – Tragedy struck a quiet residential neighborhood in Honolulu, Hawaii, as five people, including three children, were found dead in a suspected murder-suicide on Sunday morning. Police authorities reported that a father is believed to have fatally stabbed his wife and their children before taking his own life in their home in Manoa. … Read more

Investigation Unveils Suspect Among Deceased in Hawaii Residence Discovery

Honolulu, Hawaii – Authorities in Honolulu, Hawaii, are investigating a tragic incident where multiple deceased individuals, including children, were found in a residence in upper Manoa. Police Chief Logan and the PEER support team for law enforcement officers were present at the scene, along with two medical examiner vehicles. The suspect involved in the incident … Read more

Xylazine-Related Overdose Deaths Surge in Hawaii as Drug Trafficking Increases

HONOLULU, Hawaii – The use of the animal tranquilizer xylazine appears to be on the rise in Hawaii. According to the executive director of the High Intensity Drug Trafficking Areas program, Gary Yabuta, there were four overdose deaths involving xylazine in the state in 2023. This is a significant increase from the previous three years, … Read more

Hawaii Residents Required to Enter Zip Code for Super Purchase

HONOLULU, HAWAII – Residents in Hawaii are facing a new requirement when making online purchases: providing their zip code. This new rule aims to streamline the buying process and ensure that deliveries reach their destination promptly and accurately. Customers will also need to select their state and country, but this move focuses primarily on the … Read more

Hawaii Residents Required to Complete Zip Code Survey for National Data Collection

HONOLULU, HAWAII – Residents in Honolulu, Hawaii are facing new requirements when making online purchases. The state’s postal code and country now have to be included when filling out online forms for making purchases in an effort to streamline the purchasing process and ensure accurate deliveries. The new form asks for the state, zip code, … Read more

Hawaii Loa Ridge Murder Suspect Seeks Trial Delay Amid Plea Deal Talks

HONOLULU, Hawaii (AP) – The man accused of a gruesome murder on Hawaii Loa Ridge last year appeared in court for a status conference on Tuesday to reschedule his trial. Juan Baron, who faces murder, theft, and identity theft charges, is reportedly in talks for a plea deal with the state. Details of the proposed … Read more