Seminole County Deputy Poses as Deceased Man to Capture Murder Suspect

SANFORD, Fla. – A Seminole County sheriff’s deputy in Florida went to great lengths to capture a murder suspect, going as far as posing as a deceased individual. Authorities disclosed that Corie Gene Phillips, a suspected drug dealer aged 52, now faces charges of first-degree murder. The innovative tactic employed by law enforcement highlights their … Read more

DNA Links Deceased U.S. Sex Offender to 50-Year-Old Canadian Cold Case Murders

Calgary, Alberta – Canadian authorities have made a significant breakthrough in a cold case investigation from nearly five decades ago. Through the use of DNA evidence, police have linked a deceased convicted U.S. sex offender to the murders of two women and two teenagers in the Calgary area between 1976 and 1977. The victims, Eva … Read more

Moline Police Launch Homicide Investigation After Finding Two Deceased from Gunshot Wounds in 1800 Block

MOLINE, Ill. – The Moline Police Department is conducting a homicide investigation following the discovery of two deceased individuals early Sunday morning. Police responded to a call at the 1800 block of 31st Street and found a 20-year-old and a 17-year-old, both from Moline, dead with apparent gunshot wounds. Authorities were alerted to an “unknown … Read more

Investigation Unveils Suspect Among Deceased in Hawaii Residence Discovery

Honolulu, Hawaii – Authorities in Honolulu, Hawaii, are investigating a tragic incident where multiple deceased individuals, including children, were found in a residence in upper Manoa. Police Chief Logan and the PEER support team for law enforcement officers were present at the scene, along with two medical examiner vehicles. The suspect involved in the incident … Read more

Russian Descent Individuals Found Deceased in Fredericton Apartment, Police Investigate Double Fatality and Separate Cyclist-Truck Collision

FREDERICTON, New Brunswick – Two individuals were found deceased in an apartment on Forest Hill Rd. in Fredericton’s south side on Saturday morning, according to the Fredericton Police Force. The police have not disclosed the identities of the deceased individuals, but have confirmed that they were both residents of the apartment. Chief Martin Gaudet stated … Read more

Crucial DNA Evidence Links Deceased Man to Decades-Old Cold Case Killings

LANCASTER COUNTY, VA – Alan Wade Wilmer Sr. passed away in his home in Northern Neck over six years ago, only to be discovered weeks later by a delivery driver who noticed an open door. The discovery in 2017 led to an investigation by the State Medical Examiner’s Office into the cause of death. After … Read more

DNA Evidence Links Deceased Virginia Fisherman to 1980s Murder Spree, Providing Closure for Victims’ Families

Tappahannock, Virginia – DNA evidence has linked a deceased Virginia fisherman to a series of brutal murders that occurred in the 1980s, bringing closure to the families of the victims after decades of uncertainty. Alan W. Wilmer, who passed away in 2017 at the age of 63 in Lancaster County, has been identified as the … Read more

Virginia Officials Link 2017 Deceased Fisherman to Cold Case Colonial Parkway Murders

GLOUCESTER, Va. – A breakthrough has been made in a series of cold-case homicides, with the revelation that a small-time fisherman who passed away in 2017 has been linked to three unsolved slayings from the 1980s in Virginia. The victims include two couples known as the “Colonial Parkway Murders.” Virginia State Police identified the suspect … Read more

DNA Evidence Links Deceased Hunter to 1980s Murders in Virginia

SUFFOLK, Va. (AP) – Police in Virginia have identified a deceased hunter and fisherman as a suspect in three unsolved murders dating back to the 1980s. Using DNA evidence, investigators linked Alan W. Wilmer Sr. to the 1987 murders of David Knobling and Robin Edwards in Isle Of Wight, and the 1989 murder of Teresa … Read more