NHS Tragedy: Heartbreaking Number of Staff Lost in Wales and Across UK During Covid

Cardiff, Wales – In the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, the National Health Service (NHS) in Wales tragically lost a significant number of staff members. The impact of the virus was felt not only in Wales but across the entire United Kingdom, affecting dedicated healthcare workers who put their lives on the line to save … Read more

Japan Coast Guard Plane Collides with JAL Flight 516: The Remarkable Miracle of a Minimal Number of Fatalities

TOKYO, Japan – The collision between a Japan Airlines (JAL) flight 516 and a Japanese Coast Guard aircraft at Haneda International Airport last week has been hailed as nothing short of a miracle. The crash and subsequent explosion captured the world’s attention, causing a stir on social media. Despite the dramatic nature of the collision, … Read more

Serial Killers: US States With the Highest Number of Cases

California leads the United States in total number of documented serial killings, followed closely by states like Texas, Florida, Illinois, and New York. According to the Radford/FGCU 2020 Report, every state in the US has documented at least ten cases of serial killings, indicating a widespread issue across the country. The high number of serial … Read more