Animal Rights Activists Demand Stricter Punishments for Perpetrators of the 68/853 Animal Cruelty Cases in 2023

VALLETTA, Malta- In 2023, a total of 853 reports of animal cruelty were filed, yet legal action was taken in only 68 of those cases, either in the form of an administrative fine or criminal action. During a recent TV program, parliamentary secretary for animal rights Alicia Bugeja Said discussed a poignant case of animal … Read more

Bus Driver Assault Results in Criminal Charges for Violators: Dayton Public Schools Implements Stricter Policy

DAYTON, Ohio – The Dayton Public Schools district has implemented a new policy in response to a recent assault on a bus driver. The purpose of the policy is to ensure the safety of DPS employees, particularly bus drivers, and includes more serious consequences for policy violators, such as involving the police and filing criminal … Read more