Dayton Public Schools Implements Tougher Consequences for Bus Driver Assaults and Policy Violations

DAYTON, Ohio – Dayton Public Schools has announced changes to its policy following a violent attack on a bus driver. The district has released a statement outlining the new policy, which aims to create a safer environment for its employees, especially bus drivers. Under the new policy, individuals who violate district policies will face more … Read more

Bus Driver Assault Results in Criminal Charges for Violators: Dayton Public Schools Implements Stricter Policy

DAYTON, Ohio – The Dayton Public Schools district has implemented a new policy in response to a recent assault on a bus driver. The purpose of the policy is to ensure the safety of DPS employees, particularly bus drivers, and includes more serious consequences for policy violators, such as involving the police and filing criminal … Read more

Overdose Crisis Reversed: Louisville Jail Implements Life-Saving Changes

Louisville, Kentucky – The Louisville Metro Department of Corrections has implemented new measures to address the increasing number of overdoses and deaths in their jail facilities. In response to the surge in drug-related incidents, the department has taken steps to improve the safety and security of inmates. Following a series of overdoses and deaths, the … Read more

Dayton Public Schools Implements New Policy to Involve Police in Response to Violators After Bus Driver Attack

DAYTON, Ohio – Changes are being implemented by Dayton Public Schools following a violent attack on a district bus driver. Interim Superintendent Dr. David Lawrence announced that the previous protocol of only issuing trespass notices and involving the police for subsequent violations is being revamped. The new approach will involve immediate police involvement and criminal … Read more