“UCLA Police Chief Reassigned Following Violent Mob Attack on Pro-Palestinian Activists” – Alarming Incident Sparks Leadership Change at University

Los Angeles, CA – The UCLA police chief has been reassigned following a violent attack on pro-Palestinian activists by a mob on campus. The incident occurred during a demonstration, where tensions between the two groups escalated quickly, leading to chaos and violence. The reassignment of the police chief comes after criticism of the way law … Read more

ABUSE ALLEGATIONS: B.C. Court Upholds Convictions of Animal-Rights Activists for Hog Farm Protest

Vancouver, British Columbia – The B.C. Court of Appeal has upheld the break-and-enter convictions of two animal-rights activists who were involved in a protest at an Abbotsford hog farm in 2019. Amy Soranno and Nick Schafer of Kelowna have expressed their intention to appeal their sentences of 30 days in jail and one year of … Read more

Abuse: Animal Activists Out to End Rodeos at Petco Park

San Diego, California – Animal rights advocate and coordinator of Action for Animals, Mills, expressed deep concern over the decision to host a rodeo at Petco Park. The event, which was sponsored by the Padres baseball team, drew criticism from many organizations promoting animal welfare. The local Sheriff’s Department’s involvement in recruiting at the event … Read more

Racist Attack on KISA’s Offices in Nicosia Prompts Outcry from Activists and Politicians

NICOSIA, Cyprus – Community members came together on Monday to denounce a bombing attack on the offices of the anti-racist organization KISA. The attack, which occurred on January 5, resulted in shattered glass panels and destroyed archives, prompting calls for a thorough police investigation. The Alliance Against the Far Right, Fascism, and Racism organized a … Read more

Animal Rights Activists Demand Stricter Punishments for Perpetrators of the 68/853 Animal Cruelty Cases in 2023

VALLETTA, Malta- In 2023, a total of 853 reports of animal cruelty were filed, yet legal action was taken in only 68 of those cases, either in the form of an administrative fine or criminal action. During a recent TV program, parliamentary secretary for animal rights Alicia Bugeja Said discussed a poignant case of animal … Read more

Animal Rights Activists Influence Legislative Changes to Benefit Animals Compassionating Society

RICHMOND, Va. – Animal rights activists in Virginia have been instrumental in promoting legislative changes to protect the welfare and ethical treatment of animals. Their unwavering dedication and advocacy efforts have led to significant impact, raising public awareness on animal rights issues and influencing policymakers. In an effort to raise public awareness, activists engage in … Read more


AUGUSTA, Maine — Lawmakers in Maine convened for the first time since a tragic mass shooting that claimed the lives of 18 people, with the father of one victim making an emotional plea for action. Arthur Barnard, whose son was killed in the deadly shooting, urged lawmakers to come together to prevent future tragedies and … Read more