Nova Scotia Constituency Assistant Calls for Government Funding to Improve Safety at Legislators’ Offices

HALIFAX, Nova Scotia — A Nova Scotia constituency assistant is advocating for government funding of a second employee in legislators’ offices to address the aggression that front-line workers face at politicians’ workplaces. Kelly Gomes, who experienced a violent attack at work, recounted an incident on Dec. 14 where a man held her by the throat … Read more

Nova Scotia Constituency Assistant Calls for Funding to Increase Safety Measures in Legislative Offices After Violent Attack

HALIFAX, Canada – A Nova Scotia constituency assistant is pushing for increased safety measures after experiencing a violent attack at work. Kelly Gomes, who has worked for a local legislator for the past four years, recounted the harrowing incident that took place at her constituency office on Dec. 14. This event has sparked a call … Read more

Racist Attack on KISA’s Offices in Nicosia Prompts Outcry from Activists and Politicians

NICOSIA, Cyprus – Community members came together on Monday to denounce a bombing attack on the offices of the anti-racist organization KISA. The attack, which occurred on January 5, resulted in shattered glass panels and destroyed archives, prompting calls for a thorough police investigation. The Alliance Against the Far Right, Fascism, and Racism organized a … Read more