Nova Scotia Constituency Assistant Calls for Funding to Increase Safety Measures in Legislative Offices After Violent Attack

HALIFAX, Canada – A Nova Scotia constituency assistant is pushing for increased safety measures after experiencing a violent attack at work. Kelly Gomes, who has worked for a local legislator for the past four years, recounted the harrowing incident that took place at her constituency office on Dec. 14. This event has sparked a call … Read more

Legislative Action Group Formed After The Covenant School Mass Shooting Pushes for Gun Safety Measures in 2024

NASHVILLE, Tenn.– A gun safety group formed in response to The Covenant School mass shooting is urging Tennessee lawmakers to implement significant legislative changes in 2024. The organization, known as Covenant Families for Brighter Tomorrows Action Fund (CFBTAF), was established after the tragic shooting that claimed the lives of three students and three staff members … Read more

Animal Rights Activists Influence Legislative Changes to Benefit Animals Compassionating Society

RICHMOND, Va. – Animal rights activists in Virginia have been instrumental in promoting legislative changes to protect the welfare and ethical treatment of animals. Their unwavering dedication and advocacy efforts have led to significant impact, raising public awareness on animal rights issues and influencing policymakers. In an effort to raise public awareness, activists engage in … Read more

Legislative Push for Courtroom Animal Advocate in Florida Gains Momentum

TAMPA, Fla. — Reports of animal cruelty and abuse have sadly become all too common in today’s society. In a recent case in Polk County, Florida, a nurse has been accused of fatally poisoning her neighbor’s two cats and pregnant dog, shedding light on the need for stronger measures to protect animals from such heinous … Read more

Maine Lawmakers to Honor Lewiston Shooting Victims and Consider Gun Safety Proposals in Legislative Session

AUGUSTA, Maine (AP) — As lawmakers return to the state House in Augusta, Maine, the focus is on honoring the victims, survivors, and first responders of the deadliest mass shooting in Maine’s history. The session is expected to include discussions on several gun safety proposals, with potential changes to the state’s yellow flag law, which … Read more