Vegas Valley Vehicle Discovery: Multiple Animals Found Dead

Las Vegas, Nevada – Authorities in northwest Las Vegas Valley made a distressing discovery when they found multiple animals dead inside a vehicle. The incident took place recently, sparking concern and prompting an investigation into the circumstances surrounding the animals’ deaths. Law enforcement officials were alerted to the scene by a passerby who noticed a … Read more

Animals Deaths: Pittsburgh Zoo Address Recent Losses and Staff Support

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania – The Pittsburgh Zoo and Aquarium held a press conference on Monday to discuss the recent string of animal deaths within their facility. Dr. Jeremy Goodman, the zoo’s president and CEO, addressed the tragic losses and the impact they have had on the zoo staff. During the press conference, Dr. Goodman highlighted that … Read more

Tbilisi Municipal Shelter Receives 518 Animals in a Year, Says Animal Monitoring Agency

TBILISI, Georgia – The Animal Monitoring Agency has reported that the Tbilisi municipal shelter received a total of 518 animals last year. This includes 390 dogs and 128 cats, many of which were either lost, abandoned, or mistreated. The shelter, which is responsible for providing care and finding homes for these animals, faces numerous challenges … Read more

Men Charged with Felony Aggravated Cruelty to Animals and Theft of Cat in Cressona

CRESSONA, Pennsylvania – Three men face charges in connection with the theft of a cat in Cressona, Pennsylvania. According to the Pennsylvania State Police at Schuylkill Haven, Andrew Huber, Ayden Spantak, and Nathan Youst are facing charges of felony aggravated cruelty to animals, theft by unlawful taking, cruelty to animals, and neglect of animals. The … Read more

Animal Abuse Statistics: Around 10 Million Animals Die Each Year in the United States

New York, New York – Animal abuse is a pervasive issue across the United States, with an estimated 10 million animals dying from abuse, neglect, or cruelty each year. Shockingly, this number equates to approximately one animal facing abuse every minute in the U.S. The severity of animal abuse is underscored by the fact that … Read more

Pet Owners Face Charges for Leaving Animals Outside During Louisiana’s Freeze Advisory

As the temperatures in Shreveport, Louisiana begin to drop, concerns have been raised about the welfare of pets left outside in the cold. The Louisiana SPCA is bracing for an influx of calls as animal control officers prepare to treat all reports of animals left out in the cold as emergency calls. With the potential … Read more

Animal Rights Activists Influence Legislative Changes to Benefit Animals Compassionating Society

RICHMOND, Va. – Animal rights activists in Virginia have been instrumental in promoting legislative changes to protect the welfare and ethical treatment of animals. Their unwavering dedication and advocacy efforts have led to significant impact, raising public awareness on animal rights issues and influencing policymakers. In an effort to raise public awareness, activists engage in … Read more

Advocate for Canada’s Animals Fights Against Ag-Gag Law and Pushes for Legal Recognition

OTTAWA, CANADA – Growing up on Prince Edward Island, Camille Labchuk developed a deep connection with animals from a young age. However, her perspective on human-animal relationships took a dark turn at age nine when she witnessed television footage of the commercial seal kill near her home. This experience ignited a lifelong commitment to animal … Read more

Animals in Crisis: SPCA of Texas Grapples with Surge in Homeless Pets Amid National Challenges

DALLAS, TEXAS – The SPCA of Texas is facing a significant challenge as the number of animals born without homes has alarmingly increased, with a nationwide shortage of veterinarians for much-needed spay and neuter surgeries. The economic climate has also impacted adoptions, and the rising trend of apartments not allowing large dogs has compounded the … Read more

Animal Cruelty Uncovered: Over 90 Animals Rescued from Horrific Conditions in Pennsylvania Home

BEDFORD, Pa. – Pennsylvania State Police have provided new details regarding the discovery of over 90 animals in a home in Bedford County. Multiple humane societies and law enforcement responded to the scene after receiving a report of animal cruelty at a residence on Old Route 220 in Bedford at the end of December. Police … Read more