Arkansas’ Shocking Mass Shooting Statistics Revealed in New Data Analysis

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – According to recent data, Arkansas has seen an alarming increase in mass shootings in the past year. This rise in mass shootings has raised concerns among law enforcement officials and community leaders. In 2020, Arkansas experienced a significant spike in mass shootings, with a total of 11 incidents reported throughout the … Read more

Animal Abuse Statistics: Around 10 Million Animals Die Each Year in the United States

New York, New York – Animal abuse is a pervasive issue across the United States, with an estimated 10 million animals dying from abuse, neglect, or cruelty each year. Shockingly, this number equates to approximately one animal facing abuse every minute in the U.S. The severity of animal abuse is underscored by the fact that … Read more

Chicago Crime Statistics: Shootings and Murders Decrease, Robberies and Car Thefts Increase in 2023

CHICAGO, IL – The end-of-year crime statistics released by the Chicago Police Department on New Year’s Day revealed a mixed bag of results for the city. While shootings and murders were down over the past year, there were increases in other crimes across Chicago. Despite the positive development of decreased shooting incidents and murders, the … Read more