Chicago Crime Statistics: Shootings and Murders Decrease, Robberies and Car Thefts Increase in 2023

CHICAGO, IL – The end-of-year crime statistics released by the Chicago Police Department on New Year’s Day revealed a mixed bag of results for the city. While shootings and murders were down over the past year, there were increases in other crimes across Chicago.

Despite the positive development of decreased shooting incidents and murders, the city still experienced its first homicide of the year less than an hour into 2024. This tragic event serves as a reminder of the ongoing challenges Chicago faces in combating crime.

Chicago police reported that certain types of violent crime decreased throughout the past year. The number of shooting incidents dropped nearly 18%, and murders also decreased by more than 12%. These statistics indicate progress, but they also underscore the need for continued efforts to improve public safety.

However, the annual crime report released by the University of Chicago Crime Lab highlighted the persistent disparities in crime victimization among different racial groups. According to the report, Black Chicagoans are 20 times more likely to become victims of crime than white Chicagoans, a stark reminder of the work that still needs to be done to address inequality in the city.

In addition to the decrease in shootings and murders, Chicago also saw an increase in other crimes. Robberies were up 23% over the past year, but robbery arrests increased as well by more than 20%. Car-related arrests, including for car thefts, rose almost 19% throughout 2023, but carjackings dropped 20%, indicating a mixed picture of crime trends in the city.

Chicago police noted that the statistics provided were preliminary, with final numbers expected to be released on Tuesday, underscoring the need for continued vigilance and efforts to address crime in the city.

In conclusion, the end-of-year crime statistics for Chicago indicate a complex picture of progress and challenges. While there have been decreases in shootings and murders, other types of crimes have seen increases. The data underscores the need for ongoing efforts to improve public safety and address the persistent disparities in crime victimization.