Exploitative Bogus Schools “Duping” Indian Families in Canada’s International Student Program: Verma

New Delhi, India – The issue of bogus schools “duping” Indian families and exploiting international students in Canada has been raised by India’s envoy to Ottawa, High Commissioner Sanjay Kumar Verma. He emphasized the need for Canadians to rebuild the country’s image as a destination for talented individuals, expressing concern over the tragic consequences faced … Read more

Exploitation of Indian Students Threatens Canada’s Reputation as a Destination for Bright Minds

OTTAWA, Canada – In a recent address to the Montreal Council on Foreign Relations, India’s High Commissioner to Canada, Sanjay Kumar Verma, highlighted the need for Canadians to rebuild their country’s reputation as a destination for bright minds. Verma expressed concern over the exploitation and tragic deaths of international students, particularly those from India, studying … Read more

Advocate for Canada’s Animals Fights Against Ag-Gag Law and Pushes for Legal Recognition

OTTAWA, CANADA – Growing up on Prince Edward Island, Camille Labchuk developed a deep connection with animals from a young age. However, her perspective on human-animal relationships took a dark turn at age nine when she witnessed television footage of the commercial seal kill near her home. This experience ignited a lifelong commitment to animal … Read more