Exploitation of Indian Students Threatens Canada’s Reputation as a Destination for Bright Minds

OTTAWA, Canada – In a recent address to the Montreal Council on Foreign Relations, India’s High Commissioner to Canada, Sanjay Kumar Verma, highlighted the need for Canadians to rebuild their country’s reputation as a destination for bright minds. Verma expressed concern over the exploitation and tragic deaths of international students, particularly those from India, studying in Canada.

Verma emphasized the critical role that Indian students play in advancing technological knowledge in both countries. He raised alarm over the presence of bogus schools that have exploited and misled Indian families, resulting in devastating consequences for some students.

The surge in international students in Canada has led to the implementation of a two-year cap on foreign student admissions by the federal government. Despite Canada hosting over a million international students, issues of exploitation and financial strain among students persist.

The intense focus on recruiting international students as a source of revenue for universities and colleges has placed added pressure on students, many of whom rely on loans or family support to fund their studies in Canada. Reports have surfaced of international students working full-time to make ends meet, while others face financial uncertainty and doubt their decision to study in Canada.

Verma shared heartbreaking accounts of Indian students facing exploitation and even tragic deaths. He urged students to share their experiences on social media to raise awareness and help others navigate the challenges of studying abroad. The ambassador stressed the importance of parents being informed of the realities their children may face in a foreign country.

In a bid to restore Canada’s tarnished reputation as a favorable education destination, Verma called for a collective effort to improve the country’s standing among international students. The envoy’s remarks underscore the pressing need for action to address the systemic issues plaguing foreign students in Canada.

The challenges faced by international students studying in Canada serve as a stark reminder of the urgent need for reforms and support systems to ensure the well-being and success of all students pursuing education abroad. As stakeholders come together to address these issues, the focus remains on creating a safe and conducive environment for students from around the world.