Arrested Homeless Man Found Sleeping in Van Near Dead Body: Charged with Murder in Bloomington

Bloomington, Indiana – Bloomington police have taken a transient man into custody for murder following a disturbing discovery in a parking lot. Scott A. Cooper, 56, was found sleeping in a van near the scene of a fatal shooting, leading to his arrest on Tuesday morning by officers from the Bloomington Police Department. Cooper faces preliminary charges of murder in connection with the incident.

Officers responded to a report of an unconscious person in the 2100 block of S. Liberty Drive at approximately 6:20 a.m. The caller, upon arriving at work, had spotted a man lying motionless on the ground. Upon arriving at the scene, authorities found a deceased man who had suffered a gunshot wound to his chest.

During their investigation near the location of the body, detectives came across a parked van with a bullet hole through its windshield. In a separate nearby van, they discovered Cooper sound asleep. Following a brief conversation with the suspect, officers brought him in for questioning at the police headquarters.

Both vans – the one with the bullet hole and the one where Cooper was found – were later removed from the scene under search warrants. Inside the 2006 Chrysler Town & Country where Cooper was located, authorities uncovered a loaded .380 caliber handgun. Subsequently, after being interrogated by police, Cooper was taken into custody and booked into Monroe County Jail on a felony murder charge.

As authorities strive to notify the deceased man’s family and proceed with an autopsy, the motive behind the tragic incident remains undisclosed. The swift actions of the Bloomington Police Department following the disturbing discovery highlights their dedication to upholding the law and ensuring justice in the community.