Dogs Found Dead: Woman Facing Cruelty Charges in Portage County Passes Away

Mantua, Ohio – Authorities in Portage County revealed a disturbing discovery at a property in Mantua on June 16: 146 dogs were found dead. Barbara Wible, a 69-year-old woman, was facing multiple charges of cruelty to animals in connection to the deaths of 160 dogs across Cuyahoga and Portage counties. However, it was reported that … Read more

Dogs Found Dead: Woman Facing Cruelty Charges in Portage County Passes Away

PORTAGE COUNTY, Ohio – An unsettling discovery was made in Mantua on June 16, with authorities finding 146 deceased dogs on a property. This grim scene is connected to the now deceased 69-year-old Barbara Wible, who faced multiple charges of animal cruelty in Cuyahoga and Portage counties. The case against Wible began following an indictment … Read more

Barbara Wible Confronts Cuyahoga County Judge Over Parma Animal Cruelty Case with Multiple Dog Deaths

Parma, Ohio – Barbara Wible appeared in court before a Cuyahoga County judge regarding a case of animal cruelty in Parma that resulted in the deaths of multiple dogs. The allegations against Wible involve mistreatment and neglect of animals, sparking outrage in the community. During the court proceedings, disturbing details emerged about the conditions in … Read more

Murder and Animal Cruelty Follow Neighborhood Conversation

APEX, N.C. – A man has been charged with murder and animal cruelty after a shooting in an Apex neighborhood. The suspect, former U.S. Army Capt. Harry Hardman, 37, appeared in court on Tuesday afternoon. He is accused of shooting and killing two women, identified as Gabrielle Raymond, 37, and Nancy Taylor, 69, and a … Read more

Bills Aimed at Animal Cruelty Offenders, Age of Marriage, and Towing Fees Introduced in Virginia’s General Assembly

RICHMOND, VA — As the 2024 legislative session gets underway, lawmakers in Virginia have introduced a number of bills covering a wide range of issues. Among these bills are proposals to address animal cruelty, marriage age, and towing fees. One significant proposal put forward in the General Assembly includes House Bill 223 and Senate Bill … Read more

“Animal Cruelty Investigation in Sparks Outrage and Calls for Justice” – Prince William Times

Dumfries, Virginia – Police in Prince William County are conducting an investigation into allegations of animal cruelty. The investigation stems from the discovery of a file titled “PWC Police_ Animal Cruelty Investigation _” The Prince William County Police Department has not released specific details about the case, including when or where the file was … Read more

Animal Cruelty: Elderly Man Arrested for Fatally Shooting German Shepherds

RIVERHEAD, N.Y. – A 76-year-old man from Riverhead, Carlos Lauro, faces charges of Aggravated Cruelty to Animals for allegedly fatally shooting two German Shepherds with a rifle. Suffolk County District Attorney Raymond A. Tierney announced Lauro’s arrest, calling the case a “particularly horrific example of cruelty,” as investigators found numerous animal victims on Lauro’s property. … Read more

Legislation 2024: Restricting Animal Cruelty Offenders and Reducing Towing Fees

RICHMOND, VA – As the General Assembly prepares to review hundreds of proposed bills, a few lesser-known but impactful proposals are emerging for consideration in 2024. This weekly series takes a closer look at some of the proposed legislation that may not typically grab headlines during the fast-paced legislative session. One notable proposal comes in … Read more

Dog Thrown From Car in L.A. Police Chase Now in Protective Custody with Vets Amid Animal Cruelty Charges

LOS ANGELES, California – A dog thrown from a moving car during a police chase is currently under the care of a local humane society. The Inland Valley Humane Society & SPCA is providing shelter to the dog while an investigation into the incident is ongoing. The dog was tossed out of a vehicle’s window … Read more

RACCOON Dies After Being Set on Fire in Quincy, Suspect Charged with Animal Cruelty

WEYMOUTH, Mass. – A raccoon that was intentionally set on fire has died, despite receiving around-the-clock care from the New England Wildlife Center. The animal was admitted to the center on Dec. 30 and was under their care for two weeks. Despite undergoing three surgeries, the severity of the burns proved to be too much … Read more