Explosion Rocks Private Farm House in North Goa: Investigation Underway

Panaji, India – An explosion shook the quiet village of Ansolem in North Goa late Monday evening, causing damage to nearby houses and raising concerns among residents. While there were no casualties reported, the blast originated from a private farm house, where a godown containing explosives was completely destroyed. Valpoi Police have detained one individual … Read more

Negligence: Family of Half Moon Bay Shooting Victims Files Lawsuit Against Farm Owner

Half Moon Bay, California – The family of the victims involved in the tragic shooting incident in Half Moon Bay is pursuing legal action against the farm owner, accusing them of negligence. The lawsuit filed by the grieving family addresses concerns surrounding safety measures and the handling of firearms on the farm premises. The incident, … Read more

Mass- Shooting Survivor Sues California Mushroom Farm Owner for Negligence

Half Moon Bay, California – In a tragic incident at a mushroom farm, Pedro Romero Perez, 24, was the sole survivor of a mass shooting that claimed seven lives, including that of his brother, Jose Romero Perez. The attack occurred on January 23, 2023, at California Terra Garden and Concord Farms. Pedro Romero Perez, who … Read more

Farmworkers’ Family Sues Mushroom Farm Owner Over Fatal Shooting

Half Moon Bay, California – The owner of mushroom farms in Half Moon Bay faces lawsuits from the family of one of the farmworkers killed in a tragic shooting incident last year. Pedro Felix Romero Perez survived the shooting, but sadly, his brother, Jose, did not. The lawsuits allege that the farm failed to protect … Read more

Mass Shooting Tragedy Unveiled at Half Moon Bay Mushroom Farm

Half Moon Bay, California, was rocked by a deadly mass shooting at a mushroom farm in 2023, where seven people lost their lives. The tragedy unfolded after a dispute over a damaged forklift, leading to a violent rampage by the accused, Chunli Zhao, who now faces charges for the horrific incident. Two lawsuits have been … Read more

ABUSE ALLEGATIONS: B.C. Court Upholds Convictions of Animal-Rights Activists for Hog Farm Protest

Vancouver, British Columbia – The B.C. Court of Appeal has upheld the break-and-enter convictions of two animal-rights activists who were involved in a protest at an Abbotsford hog farm in 2019. Amy Soranno and Nick Schafer of Kelowna have expressed their intention to appeal their sentences of 30 days in jail and one year of … Read more

Smithfield Farm Owner Faces Charges of Animal Cruelty in East Falmouth

EAST FALMOUTH, Mass. – The owner of a Smithfield farm in East Falmouth has been charged with animal cruelty. The farm, located in Cape Cod, Massachusetts, is facing allegations of mistreatment of animals. This has caused quite a stir in the local community and has raised concerns about animal welfare. The farm owner, facing these … Read more

Equines Seized from Former Friar Tuck Inn and Resort Being Rehabilitated at Hannacroix Horse Farm

CATSKILL, New York – Three equines were recently rescued from the former Friar Tuck Inn and Resort and are currently receiving treatment and rehabilitation at a horse farm in Hannacroix. The Columbia-Greene Humane Society in Hudson assisted the New York State Police in the seizure and removal of a donkey, horse, and miniature horse from … Read more

Alleged Serial Killer Lured Victims with Promise of Buried Gold on Washington State Farm

AUBURN, Washington – An alleged serial killer in Washington state faces new murder charges after authorities revealed that he may have used a similar scheme to kill all four of his victims by luring them to help him find buried treasure. 40-year-old Richard Bradley Jr, already facing trial for murder charges in the death of … Read more

Poultry Reform: RSPCA Celebrates 200 Years with New Efforts to Tackle Factory Farm Suffering

LONDON, UK – The Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA) is embarking on its 200th-anniversary celebrations with a renewed pledge to address the plight of factory-farmed poultry. Despite two centuries of advocacy to protect animals in the UK, the RSPCA warns that animals continue to face unprecedented challenges. The chief executive, … Read more