Escape: Idaho Inmate Pleads Guilty After Hospital Attack

Boise, Idaho – An Idaho inmate who escaped custody following a violent confrontation with corrections officers at a hospital has pleaded guilty to escape. Skylar Meade, the inmate in question, made the plea in 4th District Court, potentially facing additional felony enhancements that could result in a longer sentence. The sentencing is scheduled for July, … Read more

Bee Sting Leads to Man’s Multiple Organ Failure and Narrow Escape from Death

Mogadishu, Somalia – A 60-year-old man in Somalia experienced a life-threatening situation after being stung by a giant honey bee. Initially, the man was stung multiple times, but it wasn’t until two days later that he began to exhibit severe symptoms. The incident led to acute kidney and liver damage, ultimately resulting in multiple organ … Read more

Escape: Suspect Fakes Medical Emergency to Break out of Lawrence County Jail, Quickly Caught

Lawrence County, Missouri – An Aurora man’s daring escape attempt from the local jail has landed him in even hotter water. James Matthew Ireland, 25, faces a slew of charges including first-degree rape, armed criminal action, first-degree sodomy, and unlawful use of a weapon following a disturbing assault on a woman. The victim reported to … Read more

Explosion Escape: Families Race to the Past (Local News 4/12/24)

In Jonesboro, Arkansas, families rushed to safety as a sudden explosion rocked the neighborhood on Tuesday afternoon. The cause of the explosion is still under investigation, but witnesses reported hearing a loud bang followed by billowing smoke and debris flying through the air. Emergency responders were quickly on the scene, evacuating nearby residents and extinguishing … Read more

Murder Suspect’s Mother Faces Court for Allegedly Aiding Escape

HARRIS COUNTY, Texas – A mother appeared in court after being charged with hindering the prosecution of her son, who is suspected of fatally shooting a 12-year-old boy in the Cloverleaf area. Alva Cornejo, 51, is accused of aiding her son, Terry Rivera, in evading law enforcement following the tragic incident. Rivera remains at large … Read more

Explosion Escape: Guardian Angel Saves Child from Sewage Shaft Disaster in Heartwarming Rescue

Las Vegas, NV – A heart-stopping incident unfolded when a child narrowly escaped a potentially fatal explosion in a sewage shaft. The harrowing event witnessed a guardian angel intervene just in time to rescue the child from certain danger. The child, whose identity remains undisclosed, had been playing near the sewage shaft when the explosion … Read more

Survivors Reveal How I-75 Plane Crash Escape Before Explosion

TAMPA, Fla. (AP) — Survivors of a plane crash on I-75 in Florida managed to escape before the aircraft exploded, according to a report released by the Collier County Sheriff’s Office. The crash occurred on Feb. 9 when a business jet experienced engine failure and crashed onto the highway, killing both pilots. Despite striking two … Read more

Trial Begins for Woman Accused of Murdering Lookalike to Escape Strict Family

INGOLSTADT, GERMANY – A woman is currently on trial for allegedly orchestrating the murder of a lookalike in an attempt to fake her own death and escape her strict Iraqi family. The accused, Shahraban Kh-B, was originally believed to be the victim after the bloodied body of a young woman was discovered in a parked … Read more

Gas Explosion Hero: Man Aids Escape from Fort Worth Hotel

FORT WORTH, Texas – A man heroically helped guests escape a hotel in Fort Worth, Texas after a gas explosion caused chaos and panic. The man, identified as John, shouted, “Jump, I’ll catch you,” as he helped people lower themselves down from the fourth floor. The incident occurred at the Hyatt Place hotel on Tuesday … Read more

Survive: Moynihan, Rigneys, and Bauer Escape Australian Plane Crash

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA – A small plane carrying passengers from the United States crashed in a densely wooded area in southwest Australia. The survivors of the crash included well-known racing industry figures. The survivors, including U.S. businessman Greg Riegen and his son Damian, as well as Roger and Eleanor Moynihan, were aboard the single-engine aircraft when … Read more