Security Guard Killed in Florida Bar Shooting, 6 Others Wounded: Hero’s Selfless Act Saves Lives

Doral, Florida – A tragic incident unfolded at a bar in Doral, Florida, resulting in the death of a security guard who intervened in an altercation. Along with the security guard, a total of six others were wounded in the altercation that occurred in the early hours of Saturday morning. Law enforcement authorities were called … Read more

Explosion Escape: Guardian Angel Saves Child from Sewage Shaft Disaster in Heartwarming Rescue

Las Vegas, NV – A heart-stopping incident unfolded when a child narrowly escaped a potentially fatal explosion in a sewage shaft. The harrowing event witnessed a guardian angel intervene just in time to rescue the child from certain danger. The child, whose identity remains undisclosed, had been playing near the sewage shaft when the explosion … Read more

Intrepid Husky Saves Philadelphia Neighborhood from Deadly Gas Leak with Intelligent, Timely Act

PHILADELPHIA, PA – A heroic husky recently saved a neighborhood in Philadelphia after detecting a gas leak. The dog, named Kobe, dug a large hole in his front yard, catching the attention of his owner. This led to the discovery and repair of three gas leaks in the area. The incident highlights the incredible instincts … Read more

Zambia: Donor Generosity Saves Starving Dogs and Donkeys in Crisis-stricken Region

Lusaka, Zambia – As 2023 came to a close, there was an outpouring of support from donors that made a significant impact on the lives of countless animals globally. Contributions helped in the rescue of numerous street dogs and cats from hunger, abuse, and disease, as well as in the vital mission of saving hundreds … Read more

Gun Law Results in Blocking More than 500 Purchases, Saves Lives

WASHINGTON – Attorney General Merrick Garland announced that over 500 gun purchases have been blocked under the new gun law that requires stricter background checks for young people. The law, which went into effect in 2022, requires additional checks for anyone under the age of 21 attempting to purchase a gun. The law has led … Read more

Japan Airlines Passenger Plane & Coast Guard Aircraft Collision Kills 5, Successful Evacuation Saves A350 Passengers

TOKYO, JAPAN – One day after a series of earthquakes rattled Japan, another tragedy struck as a Japan Airlines (JAL) passenger plane collided with a coast guard aircraft on the runway of Tokyo’s Haneda Airport, resulting in a deadly fire. The collision resulted in the deaths of five out of the six crew members aboard … Read more