FBI Arrest Tennessee Man Who Planned Sniper Attack on Texas-Mexico Border, Says Court Documents

HARLINGEN, Texas (AP) — Federal authorities have arrested a Tennessee man for allegedly plotting a violent attack on the Texas-Mexico border, court documents show. Paul Faye Sr. is facing a charge of possession of an unregistered firearm/silencer regulated by the National Firearms Act, according to federal records. The investigation began with a man named Bryan … Read more

Heartbreaking: Mother-of-Two Shares Children’s Reaction After Attack by Army Sniper

Columbus, Georgia – A mother-of-two revealed the heartbreaking reaction of her children after they were attacked by her Army sniper ex-husband. The children were left wondering, “Did daddy do that?”. This emotional anecdote sheds light on the impact of domestic violence on children. The mother, who remains anonymous, shared her story to raise awareness about … Read more