Celebrity Murders Unsolved: Dharmendra’s Cousin Veerendar Singh Killed in Punjab Months After Amar Singh Chamkila

In Punjab, India, a shadow of mystery and tragedy looms over the unresolved murders of two prominent figures in the Punjabi entertainment industry. Months after the murder of Amar Singh Chamkila, another shocking incident took place, claiming the life of Dharmendra’s cousin and Punjabi superstar, Veerendar Singh. These cases remain shrouded in uncertainty, without any … Read more

Murder of Woman Engulfed in Flames in Southern California Remains Unsolved, Authorities Seek Public’s Help

Bakersfield, California – Authorities are seeking assistance from the public to solve the brutal murder of a woman found burned on a highway offramp in Southern California over a year and a half ago. Karla Terron’s body was discovered on the southbound Hoskins Road offramp of State Route 99 in Bakersfield on December 17, 2022. … Read more

Hotel Notorious for Mysterious Deaths and Unsolved Crimes Hits the Market

Los Angeles, California – The notorious Cecil Hotel, synonymous with a dark history of mysterious deaths and eerie occurrences, is now up for sale, attracting attention in the real estate market. Located at 640 South Main St. in downtown Los Angeles, the 15-story building has a checkered past that includes being the focal point of … Read more

**Unsolved 1987 Murder Mystery Still Haunts Hilo Community**

Hilo, Hawaii – The unresolved murder case of Lynn Ebisuzaki, a 26-year-old Sunday school teacher found dead in 1987, continues to haunt the community. Ebisuzaki’s body was discovered bound and gagged on a vacant lot, with a single stab wound marking her tragic demise. Nearly four decades later, the identity of her killer remains a … Read more

Reward Offered by Cook County Crime Stoppers in Unsolved Murder of 3-Year-Old Boy

Chicago, Illinois – In a tragic incident in September 2022, a 3-year-old boy named Mateo Zastro was shot and killed during a road rage altercation that his mother was trying to escape from. Nearly 18 months later, the perpetrator responsible for Mateo’s death has not been apprehended. However, Mateo’s family remains hopeful that a reward … Read more

Unsolved: Man Charged with Murder 35 Years After Ozarks Woman’s Death

Ava, Missouri – After 35 years, an Ozarks woman’s mysterious death has led to the recent arrest of a suspect. The Circuit Court of Douglas County has filed a grand jury indictment charging Bobby Lee Banks with murder, kidnapping, and rape in connection with the death of a woman on June 30, 1989. Although the … Read more

: Murdered Woman’s Final Words Before Decades-Long Unsolved Case

Pensacola, Florida – The tragic case of Sherri Malarik’s unsolved murder has resurfaced, shedding light on the heartbreaking final moments before her death. The mother of five was hosting a sleepover for her children and their cousins when she was reportedly called into the backyard by her husband, Gregory, on September 21, 2001. Sherri’s son, … Read more

Andre Davis shot and killed 5 years ago in East Austin Park still unsolved – family pleads for help

AUSTIN, Texas – Almost five years have passed since the tragic death of Andre Davis, known as “Big Dre”, who was shot and killed during a robbery in an East Austin park. The case has gone cold, leaving his family desperate for answers. Davis was playing dominoes at Givens Park on East 12th Street when … Read more

Unsolved Shooting at El Jaguar Nightclub Becomes El Paso’s Crime of the Week: Woman Killed and Two Men Wounded

EL PASO, Texas – An unsolved homicide that took the life of a young woman and injured two others outside a West Side nightclub three months ago has been labeled as Crime Stoppers of El Paso’s Crime of the Week. Rosario “Rosie” Gonzalez, 21, tragically lost her life when gunfire erupted during a fight outside … Read more

Bollywood’s Unsolved Actor Deaths: Shoa Aur Shabnam, Sridevi and Sushant Singh Rajput

Mumbai, India (AP) — The deaths of several celebrities in the Hindi film industry have left both fans and authorities puzzled, with many cases remaining unsolved despite investigations and social media debates. These mysterious deaths have resulted in questions and conspiracy theories, but no concrete evidence has emerged, leading to frustration among the public. One … Read more