Teacher Attacks Groom with Knife During Wedding Ceremony Shocking Video Goes Viral

Chittorgarh, India – A disturbing incident unfolded in Uncha village, where a teacher violently attacked a groom during a wedding ceremony. The groom, adorned in a traditional turban, narrowly escaped with a minor head injury as chaos erupted, prompting police intervention at the scene. The bride’s brother recounted the shocking events that transpired during the … Read more

Apology: Diddy Addresses Brutal Attack on Ex Cassie in Viral Video

Los Angeles, California – Following the release of a disturbing video showing a violent altercation between music mogul Diddy and his ex-girlfriend Cassie, the world has been buzzing with discussions about the incident. The footage, recorded in 2016 at a hotel, captures Diddy pushing and kicking the helpless singer as she tries to escape from … Read more

New Yorkers Unite to Thwart Woman Punching Attacker in Viral Video

New York City, NY – A disturbing video capturing a violent assault in the streets of New York City has surfaced, showcasing a group of vigilantes coming to the rescue of a woman who was punched by a man. The incident took place on 14th and Seventh Avenue, with the attack being thwarted by strangers … Read more

Trump Sparks Controversy with Viral Social Media Post Celebrating Violence Against Biden

New York, NY – Former President Donald Trump attended a wake for NYPD Police Officer Jonathan Diller, who tragically lost his life during a routine traffic stop. During the wake, Trump expressed his support for law enforcement, emphasizing the importance of upholding law and order in the country. However, a post on the social media … Read more

Missile Attack Hoax: Viral Image Actually Shows Beirut Port Silos Collapse

Kyiv, Ukraine – A viral image online claiming to show smoke rising from the headquarters of Ukraine’s security service after a missile strike by Russia has been proven false. The photo circulating on social media actually captures the collapse of port silos in Beirut, Lebanon, following a fire in August 2022, not an attack in … Read more

Explosion Misidentified as Francis Scott Key Bridge Collapse in Viral Video on Social Media

Baltimore, Maryland – A video circulating on social media has sparked false claims regarding the collapse of the Francis Scott Key bridge in Baltimore, Maryland. The misleading footage depicts an explosion on a bridge, leading viewers to believe it shows an “alternate angle” of the bridge collapse. The viral video shows cars moving across a … Read more

Viral Video of Alleged Burnsville Shooter Shannon Cortez Gooden Practicing Target Shooting Sparks Controversy

Authorities in Burnsville, Minnesota are investigating a viral video allegedly showing a man named Shannon Cortez Gooden doing target practice. The video has gained attention on Twitter, raising concerns about gun safety and potential threats to the community. The footage, which has spread rapidly on social media, shows Gooden firing a weapon at a shooting … Read more

Kombucha Spontaneous Explosion Warning: Woman’s Safety Tip Goes Viral on Social Media

A woman in Seattle, Washington is warning others about the dangers of leaving kombucha in the refrigerator after experiencing a terrifying explosion. Morgan Bailey’s recent TikTok video went viral as she shared her harrowing experience with the fermented tea drink, urging people to be cautious. Bailey revealed that the bottle of kombucha had been left … Read more

Viral Video Student Attack: Las Vegas High School Sued by Family for Negligence

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA — Two years after a distressing video circulated on social media, a family has filed a lawsuit against the Clark County School District for a brutal attack on a student in a Las Vegas High School classroom. The lawsuit, filed by attorneys of Bertoldo Carter Smith & Cullen and Robert Langford, Esq., … Read more

Pleasant Hill Dog Trainer Charged After Viral Video Shows Treatment of German Shepherd

PLEASANT HILL, Mo. – A dog trainer in Pleasant Hill, Missouri is facing three charges from the city after a video of her mistreatment of a German Shepherd went viral. The trainer, who goes by the name of Peggy Hogan, was captured on video forcefully handling the dog while training. The video quickly gained attention … Read more