Threats and Hoax Bomb Calls Target Leo Varadkar, Forcing Him to Increase Security

Dublin, Ireland – Former Taoiseach Leo Varadkar faced a series of death threats and hoax bomb calls throughout his time in office, a recent revelation has exposed. The threats even extended to his €800,000 home in Dublin, which he shares with long-time partner Matt Barrett. According to sources, the incidents were promptly addressed by the … Read more

Missile Attack Hoax: Viral Image Actually Shows Beirut Port Silos Collapse

Kyiv, Ukraine – A viral image online claiming to show smoke rising from the headquarters of Ukraine’s security service after a missile strike by Russia has been proven false. The photo circulating on social media actually captures the collapse of port silos in Beirut, Lebanon, following a fire in August 2022, not an attack in … Read more

Active Shooter Threat at School Deemed Hoax, Causing Panic and Police Response

ORLANDO, Fla. – Law enforcement officials have deemed the active shooter threat at a local school to be a hoax. The threat, which was reported at a school in Orlando, prompted a swift response from local police who conducted a thorough investigation. After determining that the threat was not credible, officials assured the public that … Read more