Media Office Attacked in Visakhapatnam Amid Political Condemnations and Calls for Press Freedom Protection

Visakhapatnam, India – A violent incident targeting the Deccan Chronicle’s office in Visakhapatnam has ignited widespread condemnation across political and journalistic circles after Telugu Desam Party (TDP) supporters allegedly torched the publication’s display board. The attack followed a report by the newspaper on the controversial issue of the privatization of Visakha Steel Plant, a move … Read more

San Diego Court Delays Sentencing of Former Social Media Star Convicted in Double Murder Case

San Diego, CA — A former popular TikTok personality, Ali Abulaban, during a recent court hearing looked noticeably different from his earlier appearances, now sporting a buzz cut and dressed in jail attire, as the court decided to delay his sentencing for the murder of his estranged wife and her friend. The killings, which took … Read more

Daredevil Stunts for Social Media Fame Turn Deadly Across India

NEW DELHI: In a troubling quest for viral fame, several individuals across India have been engaging in extremely dangerous stunts, resulting in arrests and even fatalities. These incidents, including acts like dangling from towering buildings and dodging speeding buses, have alarmed viewers and authorities alike. Recently, a reckless act atop a high-rise in Maharashtra led … Read more

Daughter’s Death Brings Call for New Law Against Graphic Images on Social Media

Utica, New York – Kim Devins, the mother of Bianca Devins, continues to be haunted by online reminders of her daughter’s tragic death. Despite efforts to remove distressing content, disturbing recreations of Bianca’s death still surface online, perpetuating the family’s ongoing pain. The 17-year-old’s murder in July 2019 by a man she met on Instagram … Read more

Judge Orders Conservative Media Outlet to Court Over Leaked Documents Involving Nashville School Shooting

Nashville, Tennessee – A conservative media organization is facing legal action after publishing details from leaked documents related to a 2023 school shooting in Nashville. Judge I’Ashea Myles has scheduled a hearing for Star News Digital Media and editor-in-chief Michael Leahy to address concerns over the alleged violation of court orders. The organization is also … Read more

Misinformation Spreads Virally on Social Media Regarding False Iran Explosion Rumors

Isfahan, Iran – A misleading image circulating on social media falsely claimed to show an explosion in Iran, sparking confusion and misinformation. The photo, widely shared in various languages on platforms like YouTube, was also shared by prominent newspapers like Hong Kong Commercial Daily and Malaysia’s Nanyang Siang Pau. However, the image did not depict … Read more

Conspiracy Theories on Social Media Spread Blame for Moscow Attack to US and Israel

Moscow, Russia – Following the 22 March attack on Crocus City Hall in Moscow, social media platforms were flooded with misinformation and conspiracy theories about the identities of those responsible. Despite the Islamic State Khorasan Province (ISKP) claiming responsibility for the mass shooting, alternative theories began to circulate on platforms like 4chan and Instagram. Users … Read more

Trump Sparks Controversy with Viral Social Media Post Celebrating Violence Against Biden

New York, NY – Former President Donald Trump attended a wake for NYPD Police Officer Jonathan Diller, who tragically lost his life during a routine traffic stop. During the wake, Trump expressed his support for law enforcement, emphasizing the importance of upholding law and order in the country. However, a post on the social media … Read more

Explosion Misidentified as Francis Scott Key Bridge Collapse in Viral Video on Social Media

Baltimore, Maryland – A video circulating on social media has sparked false claims regarding the collapse of the Francis Scott Key bridge in Baltimore, Maryland. The misleading footage depicts an explosion on a bridge, leading viewers to believe it shows an “alternate angle” of the bridge collapse. The viral video shows cars moving across a … Read more

Misleading: Birth Control Misinformation Overwhelms Social Media Users

Washington D.C., USA – With a surge in misinformation surrounding birth control on social media platforms like TikTok and Instagram, young women are increasingly turning to unreliable sources for information about hormonal contraception. Influencers and commentators are promoting “natural” alternatives, despite warnings from doctors about the risks of using less effective methods like timing sex … Read more