Myanmar Military Urged to Restraint After Loss of Trading Town, Thailand Offers Mediation

MAE SOT, Thailand – Tensions rise as Myanmar’s military authorities face scrutiny after the loss of an important border town to its opponents. The city lies across the river from Mae Sot in Thailand, presenting a delicate situation that demands attention and diplomacy. Foreign Minister Parnpree Bahiddha-Nukara’s visit to Mae Sot sheds light on the … Read more

Border Hub in Myanmar Sees Residents Fleeing to Thailand Amid Explosions and Gunfire

Residents of Myawaddy, a bustling trade hub in Myanmar, found themselves fleeing across the border to Thailand on Tuesday amidst the unsettling sounds of explosions and gunfire. This mass exodus came after the Karen National Union (KNU), an ethnic minority armed group, announced that they had successfully taken control of a crucial military base just … Read more