Mother of US School Shooter Held Sex Parties as Son Struggled: Trial Revelations Discovered

PONTIAC, Michigan – The mother of a teenage boy who carried out a deadly shooting at a high school in Michigan took the stand for the second day at her trial on involuntary manslaughter charges. Jennifer Crumbley and her husband are each facing four counts of manslaughter following the tragic incident at Oxford High School, … Read more

CSI Miami Episode Exposes Serial Killer Myth in Stunning Revelations

MIAMI, FL – A recent episode of “CSI Miami” has shed light on a popular myth about serial killers. The episode challenges the commonly held belief that all serial killers are highly intelligent and organized. Instead, it portrays a serial killer as disorganized, with a low IQ, debunking the myth perpetuated by popular culture. This … Read more

“Shocking Revelations Emerge From Horrific Goa Murder Case” – Investigative Breakthrough Unveils Startling Details in Goa Homicide

PANAJI, GOA – Shocking details have emerged from a gruesome murder case in Goa, where the victim’s body was found in a highly decomposed state. The police and forensic teams are working tirelessly to unravel the mystery behind this heinous crime. The victim, identified as a 34-year-old woman, was reported missing by her family a … Read more

Murderers Study Criminologist’s Books on Jack the Ripper: Shocking Revelations from Cold Case Investigator

Dudley, West Midlands – A renowned criminologist, David Wilson, was shocked to discover that his books were found on the bookshelves of murderers. Wilson, who has worked extensively with law enforcement agencies across the country, was disturbed to see his work in the background of evidence photos related to the killing of Julia Rawson in … Read more