Idaho Man’s Trial Begins for Alleged Doomsday Killings

BOISE, Idaho – The trial of an Idaho man accused of murdering his wife and his then-girlfriend’s two youngest children is set to begin with opening statements on Wednesday. Chad Daybell, 55, is facing charges that include first-degree murder, insurance fraud, and conspiracy to commit murder and grand theft in connection with the deaths of … Read more

Idaho State Police Investigate Multiple Homicides in Capture of Inmate and Accomplice

TWIN FALLS, Idaho – The Idaho State Police are currently investigating multiple homicides linked to the apprehension of an escaped inmate and his alleged accomplice. The harrowing events unfolded on Thursday as Skylar Meade, the inmate, and Nicholas Umphenour, his suspected accomplice, managed to flee from custody after a violent altercation with officers in Boise. … Read more

Idaho State Police Investigate Multiple Homicides in Escaped Inmate Capture

TWIN FALLS, Idaho – Idaho State Police are currently investigating a string of homicides linked to the escape of an inmate and his accomplice. Authorities are working diligently to piece together the events that transpired after the escape and capture of Skylar Meade and Nicholas Umphenour. The two men managed to escape from custody, perpetrating … Read more

Manhunt Escaped Convict and Accomplice Accused of Double Homicide in Idaho Capture

Boise, Idaho – Two fugitives who sparked a massive manhunt in Idaho are now accused of murdering two individuals while on the lam, authorities revealed on Thursday. Skylar Meade and Nicholas Umphenour were apprehended after allegedly carrying out an ambush and shooting that wounded three officers at a hospital in Boise, as announced by the … Read more

Escapee White Supremacist Triggers Shoot-Out at Idaho Hospital

Boise, Idaho – Police authorities are actively pursuing a white supremacist who orchestrated a brazen escape from custody during a shootout at an Idaho hospital, resulting in the injury of three prison staff members. The incident unfolded as Skylar Meade, a convicted member of the Aryan Knights white supremacist group, was being escorted out of … Read more

Botched: Execution of Longest-Serving Inmate in Idaho Called Off Due to Failed Lethal Injection

Boise, Idaho – The scheduled execution of Thomas Eugene Creech, one of the longest-serving death row inmates in Idaho, was unexpectedly halted after prison officials encountered difficulties with the administration of his lethal injection. Creech, who has been convicted of five murders and is suspected of several more, was set to be executed at a … Read more

Prisoner to be Executed After Nearly 50 Years in Idaho Prison: A Look at Thomas Eugene Creech’s Dark Past

Boise, Idaho – Idaho’s prison system faces a somber task this Wednesday as they prepare to carry out the execution of 73-year-old Thomas Eugene Creech, one of the nation’s longest-serving death row inmates. Creech is set to be put to death by lethal injection for the murder of a fellow prisoner in 1981, marking the … Read more

Killings Surge in Idaho: An Overview of the Recent Spate of Violence in Meridian

Meridian, Idaho – A wave of violence has swept through Idaho in recent days, with multiple killings occurring across the state. Among the locations affected is the city of Meridian, where residents are reeling from the shocking incidents. The authorities are working tirelessly to piece together the events that led to the tragic loss of … Read more

Shooting Tragedy Strikes Meridian, Twin Falls, and East Idaho Communities

MERIDIAN, Idaho — Residents in Meridian, Twin Falls, and East Idaho are in shock after a series of shooting deaths have shaken these communities. The recent tragedies have left the communities in mourning and searching for answers. In Meridian, a small town known for its close-knit community, the news of the shooting deaths has left … Read more

Idaho Murder Scene Reopened: FBI Continues Search for Evidence in Bryan Kohberger Trial, Year After Brutal Killings

Moscow, ID – It has been one year since the tragic murders of four University of Idaho students shocked the local community. The home where the brutal killings took place remains a subject of intense debate as FBI agents revisit the scene in search of further evidence for the upcoming trial of the main suspect, … Read more