Survivor Recalls Killer’s Glee in Illinois Stabbing Spree

Rockford, Illinois – A survivor of a brutal stabbing spree in Rockford, Illinois, that resulted in four deaths has vividly described the look of joy on the assailant’s face during the horrific attack. Christian Soto, 22, faces charges of murder, attempted murder, and home invasion in connection with the rampage that also left six others … Read more

Recall: Onewheel Maker Future Motion Recalls Electric Skateboards After Fatalities and Injuries

SANTA CRUZ, California – After four reported deaths and multiple injuries linked to their products, Future Motion, the maker of Onewheel electric skateboards, has announced a recall of all models of its e-skateboards. This decision comes after the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission began urging the company to recall the one-wheeled skateboards in November 2022, … Read more

Eye Drop Recalls Linked to Drug-Resistant Bacteria Outbreak Cause Death, Blindness in 18 States – CDC and FDA Issues Warning

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA – An outbreak of drug-resistant bacteria linked to certain brands of eye drops has led to multiple deaths and cases of blindness, prompting recalls of the affected products, the Food and Drug Administration reported. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 81 patients across 18 states have been infected with … Read more


CHARLOTTESVILLE, VIRGINIA – In the early 1990s, Jana Monroe, a member of the FBI’s Behavioral Sciences Unit, received an unexpected phone call from Edmund Kemper, also known as “The Co-Ed Killer.” Despite her usual fearlessness in facing serial killers, this encounter left her shaken. Kemper, who had a terrifyingly monotone voice and an emotionless gaze, … Read more

“Serial Killer Meeting” – Former FBI Agent Recalls Encounter with ‘Co-Ed Killer’ Edmund Kemper and Shocking Aftermath

SAN FRANCISCO, California – Jana Monroe, a former FBI agent, was left shaken after receiving a phone call from Edmund Kemper, also known as “The Co-Ed Killer.” This encounter with the notorious serial killer, known for his chilling monotone voice and lack of emotion, had a lasting impact on Monroe. In the early 1990s, Monroe, … Read more