**Attack:** Real Estate Agent Severely Injured by Dogs in Western Australia’s North

Broome, Western Australia – A real estate agent in Broome, Western Australia, is recovering from severe injuries sustained during a dog attack. Tony Hutchinson, the agent, was left unable to walk and is now in a wheelchair after the “extremely traumatic” incident. The attack occurred while Hutchinson was visiting a property for work and encountered … Read more

Agent Severely Injured in Traumatic Dog Attack in Western Australia

Broome, Western Australia – A real estate agent in Western Australia’s north is recovering from severe leg injuries after a vicious dog attack during a property visit in Broome. Tony Hutchinson, now confined to a wheelchair, was left unable to walk following the “extremely traumatic” incident involving two dogs. The Shire of Broome rangers are … Read more

Inmate Confesses to Cold Case Homicide in Ohio: Exclusive Interview with Special Agent in Charge

Authorities in Ohio are grappling with a confession from an inmate in connection to an unsolved 2016 homicide, shedding light on the challenges of resolving cold cases. These cases refer to crimes that have not been fully resolved and are not currently under active investigation. The letter from the inmate, addressed to the Columbus Dispatch, … Read more

Iowa School Shooter’s Warning Signs: Former FBI Agent Calls Teen a ‘Ticking Time Bomb’ after His TikTok Posts

Perry, Iowa – A former FBI agent has suggested that the Iowa school shooter’s now-deleted TikTok posts were warning signs leading up to the attack, describing the 17-year-old as a “ticking time bomb”. The posts, including a selfie with the caption “now we wait”, were seen as ominous by former FBI agent Jennifer Coffindaffer. Dylan … Read more

Justice: Son of Murdered Gqeberha Agent Seeks Answers from Father

PORT ELIZABETH, South Africa – The son of a murdered Gqeberha agent in South Africa is seeking justice for his mother and answers from his father. The son is determined to uncover the truth surrounding his mother’s murder and hold those responsible accountable. The Gqeberha agent was found dead in her home, and her husband, … Read more

Pregnant Texas Teen’s Death Linked to Gang Retaliation, Former FBI Agent Says

SAN ANTONIO, Texas – The tragic death of pregnant teen Savanah Nicole Soto in a San Antonio parking lot has brought attention to a history of gang-related violence involving her and her family, according to a former FBI agent who spoke about the case. Soto, 18, and her boyfriend, Matthew Guerra, 22, were found shot … Read more

“Serial Killer Meeting” – Former FBI Agent Recalls Encounter with ‘Co-Ed Killer’ Edmund Kemper and Shocking Aftermath

SAN FRANCISCO, California – Jana Monroe, a former FBI agent, was left shaken after receiving a phone call from Edmund Kemper, also known as “The Co-Ed Killer.” This encounter with the notorious serial killer, known for his chilling monotone voice and lack of emotion, had a lasting impact on Monroe. In the early 1990s, Monroe, … Read more