Devastating Tornado in Iowa Leaves Multiple Dead and Dozens Injured

GREENFIELD, Iowa – The town of Greenfield in Iowa is reeling from the tragic aftermath of a tornado that tore through the area, leaving multiple fatalities in its wake. The Iowa State Patrol has confirmed a number of deaths in the town located southwest of Des Moines, with further details on the exact toll expected … Read more

Devastating tornado outbreak claims lives and destroys Iowa towns

Des Moines, Iowa – A series of violent tornadoes swept through Iowa, leaving behind a trail of destruction and claiming multiple lives. The tornadoes ravaged several towns in their path, causing widespread devastation and prompting emergency response efforts across the state. The powerful tornadoes tore through neighborhoods, uprooting trees, destroying homes, and flipping vehicles. Residents … Read more

Tornado Devastation: Iowa State Patrol Confirms Multiple Deaths and Injuries

Greenfield, Iowa – The Iowa State Patrol has confirmed that multiple fatalities and at least a dozen injuries resulted from a tornado that struck the town of Greenfield. The extent of the damage has forced some residents to seek medical attention elsewhere as the town’s hospital was among the buildings damaged. Iowa State Patrol Sgt. … Read more

Tornado Devastates Greenfield, Iowa: Multiple Deaths and Injuries Reported

Greenfield, Iowa – A devastating tornado ripped through the small town of Greenfield, Iowa, on Tuesday, leaving a trail of destruction in its wake. The powerful storm resulted in multiple fatalities and at least a dozen injuries, as well as significant damage to homes, businesses, and infrastructure in the area. The tornado’s impact on Greenfield, … Read more

Gunman Kills Sixth Grader and Wounds Five at Perry High School in Iowa: Latest Updates of School Shooting

Perry, Iowa – A tragic incident unfolded at Perry High School near Des Moines, where a 17-year-old gunman took the life of a sixth-grade student and left five others injured on Thursday morning. Among the wounded were four students and a school administrator, including the school’s principal, Dan Marburger. The shooter, identified as Dylan Butler, … Read more

Iowa High School Principal Succumbs to Injuries 10 Days After Protecting Students from Shooting

PERRY, Iowa – The tragic death of beloved Principal Dan Marburger has left the community of Perry, Iowa reeling after he succumbed to injuries sustained during a school shooting at Perry High School. Marburger, who had courageously protected students during the shooting, passed away after a 10-day battle for his life in the hospital. Iowa … Read more

Principal of Iowa High School Dies After Heroic Act During Mass Shooting

PERRY, Iowa – The principal of Perry High School in Iowa, Dan Marburger, has tragically passed away after sustaining multiple gunshot wounds during a mass shooting at the school earlier this month. This devastating incident resulted in the loss of two students, including the alleged shooter, and left several others injured. The shooting, which occurred … Read more

Iowa Principal Who Acted Heroically Dies After Perry High School Shooting

PERRY, Iowa – An Iowa high school principal, Dan Marburger, who heroically intervened during a deadly shooting at Perry High School, has succumbed to the injuries he sustained in the attack. His wife, Elizabeth Marburger, confirmed his passing, stating that he fought hard for 10 days before ultimately losing his battle on January 14, 2024. … Read more

Iowa Principal Succumbs to Injuries Sustained in School Shooting – Remembering Heroic Sacrifice of Dan Marburger

PERRY, Iowa – The principal of Perry High School, Dan Marburger, has tragically passed away due to injuries sustained during a mass shooting at the school earlier this month. Marburger, who had been at the school since 1995, succumbed to injuries ten days after the January 4th attack that also claimed the life of an … Read more

Principal Dies Saving Students in Iowa School Shooting

PERRY, Iowa – The principal of Perry High School in Iowa, Dan Marburger, passed away after succumbing to injuries sustained during a tragic mass shooting at the school on January 4th. His heroic actions during the attack, where he attempted to save students, were praised by many. Marburger’s efforts to talk to and distract the … Read more