Reservist in Maine Mass Shooting: ‘I’m Capable of Friggin’ Something’ – Chilling Video Reveals Alarming Warning Signs

Lewiston, Maine – An Army reservist involved in Maine’s deadliest mass shooting expressed concerns about his mental state to New York State Police before the tragic incident last summer. Robert Card, the reservist responsible for the shooting, disclosed to troopers his fellow soldiers’ worries about his behavior, stating that they were “scared” because he was … Read more

Georgia Department of Corrections Employee Faces Lawsuit Over Ignoring Warning Signs in Deadly Prison Stabbing

MACON, Georgia — A Georgia Department of Corrections employee is facing a lawsuit from the family of a man who was stabbed to death by his cellmate at Macon State Prison in Oglethorpe. The lawsuit alleges that the employee ignored warning signs that the victim was in danger. The court documents, filed in the U.S. … Read more

Targeting: Biden Signs Order to Combat Attacks on Palestinians by Israeli Settlers

WASHINGTON, DC – President Biden has signed an executive order targeting Israeli settlers who attack Palestinians. This move comes amid increasing tensions in the region and a renewed effort by the Biden administration to address the long-standing conflict between Israelis and Palestinians. The executive order aims to hold Israeli settlers accountable for any violence or … Read more

Missed Warning Signs: Friend Raises Alarm about Shooter Before Massacre Involving Army Reserve Member

LEWISTON, Maine – Sean Hodgson, a former U.S. Army reservist, found himself facing a difficult decision when his best friend, Robert Card, began exhibiting signs of increasing anger and paranoia. Despite their close bond of nearly two decades, Hodgson felt compelled to reach out to their Army supervisor in fear of what Card might do. … Read more

Missed Opportunities: Friend’s warning signs of Maine shooter’s unraveling mental state ignored by authorities

LEWISTON, Maine – For nearly two decades, Sean Hodgson watched as his best friend descended into anger and paranoia, refusing to seek help despite being a danger to himself and others. This culminated in a tragic event on October 25, when Robert Card fatally shot 18 people at a bowling alley and a bar in … Read more

Iowa School Shooter’s Warning Signs: Former FBI Agent Calls Teen a ‘Ticking Time Bomb’ after His TikTok Posts

Perry, Iowa – A former FBI agent has suggested that the Iowa school shooter’s now-deleted TikTok posts were warning signs leading up to the attack, describing the 17-year-old as a “ticking time bomb”. The posts, including a selfie with the caption “now we wait”, were seen as ominous by former FBI agent Jennifer Coffindaffer. Dylan … Read more