Deadly Strikes on Displaced Palestinians Escalate as Israeli Forces Target Tent Camps Near Rafah

DEIR AL-BALAH, Gaza Strip — Israeli forces targeted tent camps for displaced Palestinians near Gaza’s southern city of Rafah on Friday, resulting in at least 25 deaths and 50 injuries, according to local health officials and rescue services. The shelling marks another lethal event in the ongoing conflict between Israel and Hamas, heightening tensions in … Read more

Renewed Violence Claims Lives in Gaza: 17 Palestinians Dead Amidst Heavy Assault

RAMALLAH, West Bank — On Tuesday, authorities reported widespread casualties in the Gaza Strip as Israeli military operations intensified across the region, leading to the deaths of 17 Palestinians in one day alone, with a significant number injured. These incidents are part of a larger conflict that has been escalating in recent weeks. According to … Read more

**Israeli Settlers Kill Palestinians in Latest West Bank Violence**

NABLUS, Palestinian territories – The United Nations has expressed serious concerns over the escalating violence in the West Bank, urging Israeli security forces to immediately cease their support of settler attacks on Palestinians in the occupied territory. This statement comes in the wake of two Palestinian men being killed by Israeli settlers in a northern … Read more

Rubble Recovery: Palestinians Face Heavy Bombardment in Southern Gaza Strip

Rafah, a city in the southern Gaza Strip, experienced a night of intense bombardment despite calls for an immediate ceasefire in the region. The Hamas-run health ministry reported three casualties from Israeli airstrikes in Rafah and its surrounding areas. This escalation of violence comes as the Palestinian territory grapples with a humanitarian crisis, with 1.5 … Read more

Thousands Rally in Solidarity with Palestinians in Global Protests against Israeli Bombardments

Islamabad, Pakistan – Thousands of people, including women and children, gathered on Sunday in Islamabad for the largest pro-Palestine rally held in the country since the conflict in Gaza began in October. The attendees expressed their discontent with the international community’s perceived inaction in halting Israel’s military operations. Similar protests took place in various other … Read more

Targeting: Biden Signs Order to Combat Attacks on Palestinians by Israeli Settlers

WASHINGTON, DC – President Biden has signed an executive order targeting Israeli settlers who attack Palestinians. This move comes amid increasing tensions in the region and a renewed effort by the Biden administration to address the long-standing conflict between Israelis and Palestinians. The executive order aims to hold Israeli settlers accountable for any violence or … Read more

Sanctions: Biden Targets Israeli Settlers for Attacking Palestinians

WASHINGTON – President Biden issued an executive order targeting Israeli settlers in the West Bank who have been attacking Palestinians in the occupied territory. The order, issued on Thursday, names four individuals and sets the stage for financial sanctions against settlers who engage in violent assaults. The attacks have escalated since the Israel-Hamas conflict three … Read more

Israel’s Genocide Against Gaza: Palestinians Facing Death Due to Severe Medication Shortages

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – Palestinians in the Gaza Strip are facing a critical shortage of medications and an alarming spread of epidemics, as reported today by the Euro-Med Human Rights Monitor. The organization warns that the ongoing Israeli raids on Gaza have resulted in a situation where the lack of essential medical supplies has become a … Read more