Massacre: Parents Held Accountable for School Shootings

Detroit, Michigan – The aftermath of tragic school shootings continues to haunt communities across America. Recent events have highlighted the accountability of not only the perpetrators but also those who enabled or failed to prevent such atrocities. The conversation surrounding active shooter drills has become disturbingly normal as parents grapple with the harsh reality of … Read more

Shooting Rampage Suspect Shane James Faces Judge for Texas Massacre

Austin, Texas – A man accused of a deadly shooting rampage that left six people dead across Austin and San Antonio is set to appear before a judge on Thursday. Shane James is facing ten charges, including four counts of capital murder. According to court documents, James is believed to have shot and killed his … Read more

Massacre: 62 Killed in Moscow Terror Attack as Gunmen Storm Concert Hall

Moscow, Russia – A devastating terror attack unfolded in Moscow as five heavily armed gunmen in combat clothing unleashed a mass shooting and explosion at a historic concert venue, claiming the lives of at least 62 individuals, including children. The Crocus City Hall, a popular concert venue on the western edge of the capital, became … Read more

Massacre: 40 Dead in Moscow Concert Hall Attack Claimed by Islamic State

Moscow, Russia – A tragic event unfolded at the Crocus City Hall music venue in Moscow as at least 40 individuals lost their lives and over 100 were injured in an attack by gunmen clad in camouflage attire. The gunmen unleashed chaos at the music hall on Friday evening, using automatic weapons to carry out … Read more

Massacre: Armed Men Open Fire at Moscow Concert Hall, Killing 60 People and Injuring 145

Moscow, Russia – A horrifying mass shooting at a concert hall in a Moscow suburb left at least 60 people dead and 145 others injured, according to Russian authorities. The attack, carried out by a group of armed men, is considered one of the deadliest in Russia in recent history. Videos circulated online show masked … Read more

Massacre: Ottawa Police Identify Family of Newcomers from Sri Lanka as Victims of Senseless Killing

OTTAWA, Ontario – The tragedy that befell the quiet suburb of Ottawa has left residents reeling as authorities work tirelessly to unravel the shocking events that unfolded on March 6. Ottawa police have identified six individuals, including an infant, who lost their lives in a devastating act of violence that has shaken the community to … Read more

Tragedy: 19-Year-Old Faces Charges After Ottawa Massacre

Ottawa, Canada – A tragic scene unfolded in a suburban Ottawa neighborhood, where a mother, her four young children, and a family friend were found dead outside a home, their bodies covered in blood. The incident, described as one of the worst mass killings in the city, involved a 19-year-old international student named Febrio De-Zoysa, … Read more

Deerfield Massacre Book Reveals Truth about Native Attacks in Early America

Deerfield, Massachusetts, a town steeped in colonial history, was once the site of a brutal attack known as the “Deerfield Massacre.” In a new book titled “The Deerfield Massacre,” author James L. Swanson delves into the events of the 1704 siege, shedding light on the complex dynamics at play during this tumultuous period in American … Read more

Tragedy: Sri Lankan Father Survives Family Massacre in Canada

Toronto, Canada – A heartbreaking tragedy unfolded in Ottawa when Dhanushka Wickramasinghe returned home from work to discover his wife and four young children brutally murdered. The Sri Lankan father survived the attack but sustained injuries while defending his family, now recovering in a hospital from his wounds. The shocking incident took place in their … Read more