Baby Murdered by Parents Due to Failed Safeguarding: Review Finds Missed Opportunities

Chesterfield, Derbyshire – A heartbreaking story unfolds as a baby, Finley Boden, tragically dies on Christmas Day in 2020 at the mere age of 10 months. What makes this tragedy even more devastating is the fact that Finley was killed by his own parents, Stephen Boden and Shannon Marsden, just 39 days after being returned … Read more

Mass Shooting Investigation Commission Finds Missed Opportunities to Prevent Tragedy in Maine

LEWISTON, Maineā€”An independent commission revealed that the sheriff’s office investigating the individual responsible for Maine’s deadliest mass shooting had missed a critical opportunity to prevent the tragedy. The Maine Commission released a 30-page interim report detailing their examination of the law enforcement response to the fatal shootings that occurred last fall. The commission’s focus was … Read more

Missed Opportunities by Police During Maine Mass Shooting Manhunt Revealed

AUGUSTA, Maine – An independent commission investigating the response to a mass shooting in Lewiston has uncovered missed opportunities by law enforcement to apprehend the shooter, which sparked a manhunt and terrorized the community. The commission, assembled by Maine Gov. Janet Mills and state Attorney General Aaron Frey, is reviewing the events that led to … Read more

Death in custody of Indigenous man exposes “missed opportunities” in Darwin prison health care, inquest hears

DARWIN, Australia – An inquest into the death of a 37-year-old Indigenous man in a maximum security prison has uncovered systemic failures in the prison’s health facilities. The man, whose name cannot be used for cultural reasons, died in palliative care at Royal Darwin Hospital after suffering a heart attack while serving a prison sentence. … Read more

Missed Opportunities: Friend’s warning signs of Maine shooter’s unraveling mental state ignored by authorities

LEWISTON, Maine – For nearly two decades, Sean Hodgson watched as his best friend descended into anger and paranoia, refusing to seek help despite being a danger to himself and others. This culminated in a tragic event on October 25, when Robert Card fatally shot 18 people at a bowling alley and a bar in … Read more