Aid Workers Killed in Israeli Strike in Gaza Praised for Bravery and Sacrifice

Cluj, Romania – World Central Kitchen (WCK) mourns the loss of seven of its aid workers who were tragically killed in an Israeli military strike in Gaza. The international community has come forward with condemnation over the incident, as the details of the strike continue to unfold. Amongst those killed were individuals from various nationalities, … Read more

Iowa Principal Succumbs to Injuries Sustained in School Shooting – Remembering Heroic Sacrifice of Dan Marburger

PERRY, Iowa – The principal of Perry High School, Dan Marburger, has tragically passed away due to injuries sustained during a mass shooting at the school earlier this month. Marburger, who had been at the school since 1995, succumbed to injuries ten days after the January 4th attack that also claimed the life of an … Read more

Arlington Bridge Honors Arland D. Williams Jr.’s Ultimate Sacrifice During 1982 Plane Crash

Washington, D.C. – Many people who have traveled from Arlington to D.C. via the 14th Street Bridge have likely crossed the span that honors Arland D. Williams, Jr., a man who made the ultimate sacrifice to save others during a tragic 1982 plane crash into the frozen Potomac River. Although not known by many as … Read more

Heroic Sacrifice Honored 40 Years Later: Air Florida Crash Redux

WASHINGTON, D.C. – The 14th Street Bridge in Arlington, Virginia serves as a memorial to Arland D. Williams Jr., a hero who sacrificed his life during a tragic 1982 plane crash into the frozen Potomac River. The official name of the bridge, visible on Google Maps, pays tribute to Williams’ selfless act, which saved the … Read more