Army Reservist’s Text Message foreshadowing a Mass Shooting Concerns Supvervisor

LEWISTON, Maine (AP) — Concerns about a potential mass shooting were raised by a former roommate and fellow U.S. Army reservist about their best friend, Robert Card. Sean Hodgson noticed a troubling change in Card’s behavior as his anger and paranoia intensified. Despite having access to guns, Card refused to seek help for his mounting issues. Hodgson ultimately made the difficult decision to reach out to their Army supervisor, expressing his fears that Card might resort to mass violence.

The situation involving Card sheds light on the complex and challenging decisions faced by individuals dealing with the mental health struggles of loved ones. The alarming rise in anger and paranoia, combined with access to firearms, presented a very real and potentially dangerous situation.

Hodgson emphasized the difficulty of the decision he had to make, highlighting the gravity of the situation. The incident serves as a stark reminder of the importance of addressing mental health issues, particularly in the context of access to firearms. It also underscores the challenges of identifying and addressing potential threats of violence before they escalate.

In situations like this, communication and intervention play a critical role in preventing potentially tragic outcomes. The incident involving Hodgson and Card illustrates the importance of taking proactive steps to address concerning changes in behavior, particularly when firearms are involved. Despite the difficult decision Hodgson had to make, it ultimately served as an example of the significance of reaching out for help when faced with serious concerns about mental health and the potential for violence.