Ax-Wielding Woman Attacks Pierce County Man, Faces Attempted Murder Charges

Tacoma, Washington – A chilling incident unfolded recently in Pierce County when a man narrowly escaped a random axe attack, facing a life-threatening situation. Serena Marcy, the assailant, now faces charges of attempted murder for her alleged involvement in two separate assaults on March 29. Witnesses recount Marcy’s relentless attack on Jeremy Gist, leaving him with severe injuries after striking him in the face near the 1100 block of South Highland Avenue in Tacoma.

Kisa Harris, a witness to the horrifying event, vividly describes Marcy swinging the axe at Gist, causing him to sustain shattered bones, a prominent facial indent, and fractures extending to the top of his skull. Despite the severity of his injuries, Gist managed to call 911 during the assault. Following this terrifying incident, Tacoma police responded to another distress call less than two hours later involving Marcy in a stabbing turned carjacking on Ruston Way. Marcy allegedly attacked an Uber driver, stabbing him in the neck and chest before fleeing with his vehicle, prompting the injured driver to be rushed to the hospital for treatment.

Harris highlights that Marcy’s intentions appeared to be more than theft, affirming that she seemed intent on causing harm. The traumatic experience has deeply impacted Gist’s life, as described emotionally by Harris, who refers to him as her fiancĂ©. She expresses concerns over their future together amidst mounting medical bills and the looming threat of eviction.

For those interested in supporting Jeremy Gist’s recovery, a GoFundMe campaign has been set up to assist with the financial costs of his rehabilitation. In the aftermath of these disturbing incidents, the community has been left reeling with shock and concern over the violent nature of the attacks. Authorities continue to investigate the motives behind Marcy’s actions and work towards justice for the victims affected by her vicious assaults.