Mass: Five People Shot in Fort Pierce Incident at Gathering, None Injured Life-Threatening

Fort Pierce, Florida – Five individuals, aged 15 to 20, were victims of a shooting in Fort Pierce. The incident occurred during what was believed to be a graduation party, resulting in non-life-threatening injuries, according to local authorities. This unfortunate event adds to the growing number of mass shootings in Florida, marking the state as … Read more

Gunman Fatally Shot by Fort Pierce Police in Exchange of Fire: Multiple Victims Identified

Fort Pierce, Florida – The Fort Pierce Police Department addressed the public on Monday regarding a recent shooting involving officers over the weekend. The incident resulted in the death of 28-year-old Bernard Smith, who was shot and killed by the police after exchanging gunfire with them. According to the police department, officers were initially called … Read more

Ax-Wielding Woman Attacks Pierce County Man, Faces Attempted Murder Charges

Tacoma, Washington – A chilling incident unfolded recently in Pierce County when a man narrowly escaped a random axe attack, facing a life-threatening situation. Serena Marcy, the assailant, now faces charges of attempted murder for her alleged involvement in two separate assaults on March 29. Witnesses recount Marcy’s relentless attack on Jeremy Gist, leaving him … Read more

Teenagers Sentenced for Deliberate and Horrific Murder of Pierce County Man in Olympia

OLYMPIA, Wash. – Two Olympia teenagers have been sentenced for the murder of a Pierce County man, with a judge calling the crime “horrific and deliberate.” The 17-year-old and 16-year-old were convicted of first-degree murder for the shooting death of the 41-year-old man during a drug robbery in June 2020. The teenagers lured the man … Read more