Competent to Stand Trial: Carlos Dominguez, Suspect in Davis Serial Stabbings, Set to Appear in Court

Davis, California – Prosecutors announced on Thursday that Carlos Dominguez, the suspect in a series of stabbings that left two people dead and one critically injured, has been found competent to stand trial. The 21-year-old former UC Davis student is set to appear in court on January 5, and will return to the Yolo County Jail.

Back in June, a court-appointed doctor had determined Dominguez to be mentally unfit to stand trial, citing a diagnosis of schizophrenia. The stabbings occurred over a five-day period in the spring of 2023. Despite being deemed competent, Dominguez’s sanity is not guaranteed, and the potential for relapse exists if medication is stopped.

Forensic psychologist Dana Anderson explained that individuals deemed incompetent can become competent through medication and treatment in a state hospital. However, the risk of relapse and interference with legal proceedings remains a concern.

Dominguez is currently still at the state hospital, and once transferred, he will have a 10-day window to go to the jail. The two victims killed were David Breaux, 50, and UC Davis student Karim Abou Najm, 20. The only survivor, Kimberlee Guillory, 64, remains in critical condition after being stabbed multiple times through a tent.

The city of Davis has been deeply affected by these tragic events, with the loss of two beloved figures and the severe injury of another individual. The community continues to grapple with the aftermath of these senseless acts of violence.