Crash of Former Afghan Forces Pilots in Oregon Linked to Weather Ignorance

SALEM, Oregon – Two weeks after a tragic airplane crash in Oregon, USA that resulted in the deaths of three former Afghan forces members, the primary cause of the accident has been disclosed by the government.

Foreign media reports, citing the U.S. government, revealed that a former Afghan Air Force pilot ignored the instructor’s advice not to return to the airport due to adverse weather conditions, leading to the crash during a training flight in Oregon.

The National Transportation Safety Board of America stated in its Friday report that an examination of the aircraft’s body and engine shows no technical violations, according to the Associated Press.

Previously, U.S. authorities announced that three individuals from the Afghan Air Force died in the crash of a small plane during a training flight in Oregon. The deceased were identified as 35-year-old Mohammad Hussain Mousavi (pilot), 35-year-old Mohammad Bashir Safdari (passenger), and 29-year-old Ali Jan Fardousi (passenger).

These individuals were conducting training flights over the past year to obtain their licenses. The tragic incident highlights the ongoing risks and challenges faced by former Afghan forces who continue their aviation training in the U.S.

The government’s revelation of the cause of the crash underscores the importance of adherence to safety protocols and weather advisories during flight operations. Authorities urge all pilots to prioritize safety protocols and consider weather advisories when conducting flights.